DragonSB founder Thu Ha Vu confirmed to compensate 100% of damages incurred from the $10 million USD theft.

SINGAPORE, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DragonSB is a proud Vietnamese game, a successful example of the current growth of the MMORPG Metaverse genre. To present, DragonSB has maintained a strong rate of development and is recognized as one of the games worth investing in. However, this game was recently hacked, resulting in a loss of over $10 million USD.

The incident caused outrage among the community, with so many users confused since they couldn’t log in to the game and reported an error. However, the game has now reopened normally, and the prior game lock notification has been used to investigate and hunt down the hacker.

Ms. Thu Ha Vu, the founder of DragonSB, also had a few words to share with the community following the above incident: "It is clear that DragonSB has faults, and the hack serves as a warning to us about security issues. The DragonSB team must be more careful." As a result, she gave comfort to the entire community: "We would also provide full support and payment to people harmed by the hack. To prevent future attacks, DragonSB will do more to developing trust and create more advanced security solutions. Above all, we want to highlight that the hack has no impact on the proposed roadmap, and that the process of launching the Mobile version is ongoing as usual."

The community is extremely pleased with this "fair play", as seen by the spirit of enthusiasm and the firm announcement that the Founder would accept full responsibility. DragonSB’s Dev team has also been praised for its professional and decisive handling of problems, such as instantly declaring a token refund and livestreaming to answer all questions. This kind of public compensation is highly valued by holders, unfortunately many projects can handle it gently. When gamers are constantly reassured by solid information such as steady talks with exchanges, responsible for paying tokens to users on gate.io, BSC and Terra, they entirely trust DragonSB. Along with it, the Dev team restarted the staking program, added liquidity, and fully paid members who participated in staking and farming.

For DragonSB, this may be taken as a springboard for growth prospects, ranging from protection and reliability to how to organize management and upgrade the system.

DragonSB has currently connected millions of gamers worldwide while also providing a possible source of funding for participants. The game is expected to debut a mobile game version with several exceptional features in May. Can DragonSB, with the directions that are projected to take the game to new heights following the hack, transform and grow the market valuation to 1 billion USD as expected, as another renowned Vietnamese game, Axie Infinity, once did?. For more info, visit link: https://dragon-sb.com/


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