DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot Unlocks New Possibilities for Robotic Applications

MG400 looks to help small and midsized businesses beef up productivity with consumer-level accessibility and affordability.

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DOBOT, a world-leading provider of intelligent robotic arm solutions, has recently unveiled DOBOT MG400, a lightweight desktop robot for automation and human-robot collaboration. MG400 is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Lately, DOBOT has raised 320 million yuan (about $50 million) in Series C Financing.

DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot Unlocks New Possibilities for Robotic Applications
DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot Unlocks New Possibilities for Robotic Applications

With one third the cost of a typical industrial robot, DOBOT aims to popularize access to robotic applications for every industry. MG400 seamlessly integrates into various manufacturing processes by performing tasks such as loading and unloading, dispensing, inspection, and testing. MG400 also excels in liquid handling and specimen processing at biomedical and chemical laboratories. Furthermore, it greatly facilitates automation and robotics research in universities.

"MG400 inherits our philosophy to prioritize compactness, cost efficiency and time saving. We’ve made it lightweight and flexible to help businesses automate existing processes and workflow across industries. Our ultimate goal to consumerize industrial-grade robots the way Apple did with personal computers." said Jerry Liu, founder and CEO of DOBOT.

Consumer-Level Ease of Use

  • 10 Minutes Deployment: Taking up the same footprint as a laptop and weighing only 8 kilos, MG400 is compact enough to sit workbench or work alongside an existing line or cell.
  • Multiple Controls for Beginners & Professionals: MG400 is programmable through teach and playback, graphical block program and LUA script.
  • Easy to Teach: Drag and move the robot to teach it a specific path.

Reassuringly Safe to Work Alongside

Powered by collision detection algorithm, MG400 achieves collision force threshold of less than 12N. MG400 needs no security fence and stops instantly when it touches an obstacle.

Industrial-Grade Performance

  • High Precision: guaranteed repeatability of up to±0.05mm, the same thickness as a human hair
  • Payload: 500g
  • Joint Maximum Speed: 300°/s
  • Reach: 440 mm

MG400 Kickstarter campaign: click here.

Media Kit: click here.


DOBOT is a world-leading provider of intelligent robotics arm solutions. DOBOT has sold more than 40,000 robots in 100 countries, connecting over 200,000 in manufacturing, education and business. DOBOT has vast experience in mechanical transmission, robot structure design, dynamic control algorithm, low voltage DC motor and servo drive, securing 130 intellectual property rights and 72 software copyrights domestically and internationally.

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