DFRobot Launched Air, Environmental and Gas Detection Sensors for Industrial and Environmental Protection

SHANGHAI, April 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DFRobot launched a series of air, environmental and gas detection sensors. The Air Quality Sensor adopts the innovative TrueVOC technology combined with Metal Oxide (MOX) technology, which ensures the sensor has excellent accuracy, fast response and strong anti-interference performance. The Multifunctional Environmental Sensor adopts a more simplified and appropriate layout design and heat conduction, effectively ensuring data accuracy; The Gas Detection Sensor Series can detect 12 kinds of gas covering carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases. They provide important information for the environmental and industrial protection.

Gravity: Gas Detection Sensor Series
Gravity: Gas Detection Sensor Series

Gravity: Air Quality Sensor

Gravity: ENS160 Air Quality Sensor, based on ScioSense’s new ENS160 sensor chip, is specifically designed for indoor air quality monitoring and offers detection of multiple IAQ data (TVOC, eCO2, AQI). The innovative TrueVOCâ„¢ technology combines the metal oxide (MOX) technology that brings this sensor superior accuracy, fast response, anti-interference, etc. With intelligent on-chip algorithms, the ENS160 can directly output rich and easy-to-understand environmental data. The preheating time of the sensor is less than 3 minutes, which can obtain accurate data more quickly. The built-in automatic baseline calibration algorithm ensures the long-term stability of the sensor.

Gravity: Multifunctional Environmental Sensor

Gravity: Multifunctional Environmental Sensor is a 5-in-1 sensor that integrates temperature and humidity sensor, pressure sensor, light sensor, and ultraviolet sensor. It supports UART and I2C communication modes, two versions: Gravity and Fermion (breakout), and complete Arduino and Python libraries. It is exquisite and compact, suitable for indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring systems and other applications.

Gravity: Gas Detection Sensor Series

Gravity: Gas Detection Sensor Series can detect 12 kinds of gases covering oxygen, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen fluoride, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide. It features strong anti-interference ability and high stability and sensitivity and supports three output modes: analog, I2C, and UART. The probe has been calibrated at the factory, which can quickly and accurately measure the concentration of gases in the environment. It can be widely used for detecting gas in industrial and environmental protection.

For more information about the new sensors, please visit: https://www.dfrobot.com/new-products


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