DFRobot Announces a New Controller for IoT Applications

SHANGHAI, April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, DFRobot announced the new controller Beetle ESP32-C3 based on the latest ESP32-C3 RISC-V 32bit single-core processor, ideal for IoT applications, covering a wide range from consumer electronics, wearables up to industrial IoT (IIoT) like manufacturing, healthcare monitoring equipment, etc. 

Beetle ESP32-C3 is designed with a compact size of 25mm * 20.5mm, up to 13 IO ports, simplified Lithium-ion battery charging management directly connected with ESP32-C3 without extra module, all of which ensure Beetle ESP32-C3 a perfect solution to meet the size and safety requirements in IoT application.

DFRobot Beetle ESP32-C
DFRobot Beetle ESP32-C

DFRobot Beetle ESP32-C3

The equipped expansion board for Beetle ESP32-C3 brings more power pins without increasing the controller size, more convenient to solder. Besides, the onboard easy-to-connect GDI resolves wiring problems when using a screen.

Beetle ESP32-C3 supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5(LE) dual-mode communication that not only makes the configuration easy, but also facilitates a variety of use-cases based on dual connectivity. It also supports Bluetooth Mesh protocol and Espressif Wi-Fi Mesh, guaranteeing a reliable and strong Wi-Fi connection and larger coverage.

Tutorials and samples for Beetle ESP32-C3 are provided for users to use the controller’s Wi-Fi function, such as connecting to IoT platforms like Aliyun, IFTTT, etc. Beetle ESP32-C3 can be programmed using Arduino IDE, ESP-IDF and MicroPython. C and Python are both supported.

"Beetle ESP32-C3 delivers an excellent design in improving the size and power pin. Size is regarded as the critical requirement for any IoT product design. We have been always optimizing dimensions in the controller design. The ultra-small size of Beetle ESP32-C3 would help users to overcome the size limitation easier, and no longer are subjected to the size limitation of the master controller," said Eddard Zhu, Product Manager of DFRobot, "Soldering would be made difficult due to the inappropriate power pin design in many controller designs. The extension board has been optimally designed to add GDI and more power pins for easier soldering, when connecting Beetle ESP32-C3 to sensors or a screen."

 Key Features

  • Ultra-small size of 25mm * 20.5mm
  • RISC-V core development board
  • Lithium-ion battery charging management guarantees safer charging and discharging
  • The expansion boards are more convenient for users to make projects or use a screen
  • RISC-V 32bit core
  • Support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5(LE) dual-mode communication

For more information about Beetle ESP32-C3, please visit: https://www.dfrobot.com/product-2566.html


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