DEEP Robotics’ Jueying Lite2 Robot Dog Makes Its Debut at CES 2022

HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DEEP Robotics exhibited its intelligent quadruped robot Jueying Lite2 with its partner Alisys at CES 2022, the tech industry’s annual trade show held this year in Las Vegas on January 5-7, 2022, showcasing cutting-edge robotics technologies. Jueying Lite2, the second-generation dexterous intelligent robot dog created by DEEP Robotics for scientific research institutions, universities and technology enthusiasts, has greatly improved motion control capabilities and delivers a much enhanced intelligent interactive experience compared with its predecessors, stimulating innovation in the realm of quadruped devices.

Jueying Lite2 on 2022 CES
Jueying Lite2 on 2022 CES

Jueying Lite2 has been displayed during the exhibition by DEEP Robotics’ 2022 CES partner Alisys. DEEP Robotics is an Asian pioneer in several robotic technologies, with particular attention paid to the motion control algorithms that guide quadruped robots, the development of relevant key components and systems as well as intelligent environmental perception, while Alisys is committed to enhancing the capabilities of robots through cloud software and technology solutions with a focus on cloud solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

Jueying Lite2 demonstrates its advanced performance at its CES debut

  • Flexible motion control: Jueying Lite2 demonstrated multiple motion modes, including fast walking, running, crawling and a continuous back flip, and side flip.
  • Intelligent perception: Jueying Lite2, one of the few robotic canines in the world to come equipped with professional-grade laser(Optional) and intelligent visual perception systems, as well as the first robot dog series in China to realize autonomous navigation, also demonstrated several of its intelligent perceptual capabilities, including human following, automated obstacle avoidance and voice interaction.

Deep Robotics’ proprietary Jueying series robots include Jueying Lite2, Jueying Mini, Jueying and Jueying X20. The name Jueying was selected to epitomize the famous horse in China’s ancient Three Kingdoms period. The young technology firm’s choice of such a historically important name is meant to show how the robots reflect Chinese cultural heritage.

Notably, Jueying has been featured on the cover of the authoritative journal Science Robotics. The series has been tested in multiple application scenarios, including security patrol, reconnaissance and surveillance as well as public rescue. In 2021, for the first time a single Jueying robot dog effectively patrolled a 25,000 square-meter electrical substation and a 500 kV cable tunnel.


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