d’Alba white truffle first spray serum, Ranked on top 10 in Amazon face mist category

SEOUL, South Korea, March 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — d’Alba, a premium vegan brand, is drawing attention with rapid growth in Amazon in the United States. d’Alba’s white truffle first spray serum has continued to grow briskly since entering the Top 100 of Amazon’s ‘Face Mist’ category in December 2021, and soon after ranking fifth in March 2022. d’Alba is producing products that provides excellent antioxidation and skin elasticity nourishing effects by infusing Italian white truffles, the underground diamonds, into all its products. In particular, the mist that ranked fifth in Amazon’s ‘Face Mist’ category, is receiving lots for love from customers, having surpassed 10 million bottles in global sales and exceeding 90,000 cumulative reviews in Naver Shopping, the largest e-commerce channel in Korea.

d’Alba white truffle first spray serum, Ranked on top 10 in Amazon face mist category.
d’Alba white truffle first spray serum, Ranked on top 10 in Amazon face mist category.

The d’Alba white truffle first spray serum is divided into avocado oil, which maintains hydrated feeling, and white truffle infused essence, which is excellent for antioxidation and elastic care, layers. It is an all-in-one moisturizing mist mixed by shaking and lightly sprayed for deep hydration. The d’Alba white truffle first spray serum is sprayed evenly onto the face without clumping with its fine mist particles, giving a fog-like spray experience and a feeling of moisture accumulation as customers spray it. The d’Alba white truffle first spray serum not only completed the hypoallergenic tests but also has been certified for deep moisturization through human application tests conducted by the Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences.

Besides the white truffle first spray serum, d’Alba is also showing excellent product quality and growth in its three types of sunscreens. The sunscreens consist of a chemical sunscreen (waterfull essence sunscreen), a physical sunscreen (waterfull mild sunscreen), and a hybrid-type sunscreen (waterfull tone-up sunscreen) which provides choices to diverse preferences. All three types of sunscreens are infused with white truffle and completed the Italian vegan certification. The waterfull essence sunscreen is a soft essence-like sunscreen free of white cast and can be used like a regular moisture cream. It is always ranked Top 5 in the sun care category of ‘Naver shopping’, the largest Korean e-commerce channel.

The d’Alba waterfull tone-up sunscreen had recently been promoted extensively through the collaboration with d’Alba’s new muse, actress Lee Sun-bin. It is a 2-in-1 product with the benefits of both physical and chemical sunscreens that can be used safely on the skin. It is receiving lots of love for its hybrid-type sun care and its ability to brighten up the skin with a natural pink tone.

An official from d’Alba recommends starting this year’s summer skincare routine, a simple but skin protecting method, with the white truffle first spray serum to calm the heat-irritated skin and following it up with the waterfull essence sunscreen and waterfull tone-up sunscreen for sun protection.


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