Cyclone Robotics Named on The Information’s “50 Most Promising Startups” 2021 List

SHANGHAI, Nov. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cyclone Robotics was honored with being named on The Information‘s "50 Most Promising Startups" 2021 list as an emerging technology startup from China. The Information identified Cyclone Robotics as a promising startup for its crystal clear product strategy, business model, and the capability to expand its global market share. It also highlighted endorsements for the company from investing institutions and customer praise for its exceptional products and services.

According to The Information, the global pandemic has driven significant demand for RPA software, igniting the industry’s development worldwide. It is reported that the Asia-Pacific region is increasingly becoming a strategic location for global RPA suppliers, especially in Southeast Asia and developing economies where demand is strong. Companies throughout the region are looking to invest in digital technologies, which is seen as a prime driver of increasing productivity and competitiveness. By helping companies to remove many of the most repetitive, time-consuming tasks, Cyclone Robotics is able to free employees to create more value and innovate, further expanding business opportunities. As such, Cyclone Robotics is positioned to become the next big winner in the digital transformation industry.

Since 2019, Cyclone Robotics has experienced explosive growth amid this global RPA development wave with an average annual growth rate of 400%. This has made it an alluring proposition to the top investing institutions, and the only RPA vendor in China to have been included in both the Gartner RPA Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave. It has attracted top professional talent from all industries and the world’s best universities. Powered by this talent, Cyclone Robotics delivers end-to-end software automation platform and digital transformation solutions for all industries.

Cyclone RPA products and solutions run across every stage of digital transformation
Cyclone RPA products and solutions run across every stage of digital transformation

The Information also highlighted that apart from RPA software, Cyclone Robotics also provides intelligent analytics tools to help customers conduct data analysis. As the first organization to revolutionize RPA solutions with hyperautomation solutions in China, Cyclone Robotics is continuously evolving traditional RPA solutions to hyperautomation products and solutions, covering the full lifecycle of digital transformation. It helps organizations realize an end-to-end, fully chained, automated business so that they can adopt lightweight, agile and composable ways to actualize digital transformation.

Cyclone Robotics global market presence
Cyclone Robotics global market presence

Cyclone Robotics has successfully provided solutions and services to customers in financial services, utilities, government, public security, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, and other industries and sectors. Cyclone Robotics Singapore branch was established in March this year, and will act as the center of its future Asia Pacific market expansion, where it has already positioned itself as the top RPA vendor.

About Cyclone Robotics

Cyclone Robotics, a world-leading RPA provider and thought leader in hyperautomation, has experienced rapid expansion with an average annual growth rate of 400% since 2019. The company now has more than 500 members across 19 subsidiaries and branches around the world, serving nearly 1,000 global customers across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. In early 2021, Cyclone Robotics established its Singapore branch to empower APAC enterprises across a wide variety of sectors to accelerate their digital transformation efforts with Cyclone’s full RPA products & services portfolio. Its explosive business growth, leading technology, strong team, advanced product ideas, and ability to seize business opportunities have been particularly recognized by investors and international authorities. To date, Cyclone Robotics is the only RPA provider in China to have been included in the authoritative reports published by both Gartner and Forrester.


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