Cyclone Robotics Announces APAC Partner Program to Support Global Expansion Strategy

SINGAPORE, May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cyclone Robotics, a leading robotic process automation (RPA) provider and thought leader in hyperautomation, recently held its first annual partner conference ASIAPAC Partner Kick-off. At the event, Cyclone Robotics officially unveiled its APAC Partner Program to its global partners as a significant milestone in its international global expansion strategy.

The APAC Partner Program aims to enable Cyclone’s partners in APAC to accelerate their business growth, helping all types and sizes of companies to grow. By leveraging Cyclone’s advanced product solutions, its partners can drive true digital transformation. Following the success of its USD 150 million round C financing, the largest-ever individual financing round in China’s RPA industry, Cyclone Robotics seeks to further expand its global network by leveraging its advanced product portfolio and solutions. The Partner Program launch will enable Cyclone Robotics to take a leading role in developing a comprehensive partnership network and bringing shared success to its partners and customers.

In the current post-pandemic era, many companies are struggling to remain stable due to the changing business environment, and many of them are considering using RPA and digital transformation to determine a new business model. "Five years ago, we began to foresee great potential in hyperautomation, and Cyclone Robotics has invested heavily in product development to provide end-to-end automation solutions. This enables us to cover the whole lifecycle of digital transformation, including phases of requirements discovery, design, management, and engagement," said Di Wu, Chief Strategy Officer of Cyclone Robotics. "By leveraging our products and solutions, we have successfully become a leading RPA provider and thought leader in the world with 1,000 customers and 400+ partners across more than 20 different industries."

To empower its partners in winning customers and create mutual success, Cyclone Robotics has prepared all the needed resources across the entire go-to-market cycle, starting with the Partner Success Program. The Partner Success Program covers end-to-end governance starting from onboarding, enablement & training, cooperation marketing, deal management, and delivery capability to support SLA and program operation. Under the Partner Success program, Cyclone Robotics also launched three new initiatives in the Asia Pacific market, including Partner Central, Cyclone Champion Academy, and Let’s Rock the Market Sales Campaign. Partner Central is a self-service portal that enables partners to get full access to Cyclone’s resources needed, such as the Partner Success Playbook, Market Resource, and Trainings & Certifications. Cyclone Champion Academy is a comprehensive training & certification platform that allows partners to easily access the training videos, take exams and earn certifications. Furthermore, registered partners can get an unprecedented offer to kick-start 2022 sales with the "Let’s Rock the Market" sales campaign.

Just one year after expanding to the Asia Pacific market, Cyclone has reached a partnership with award-winning partners, such as Hypernix, Blacklight, and eAI.

"As a partner and one of the pioneering companies that have decided to put faith in the Cyclone Robotics RPA platform, I am glad it has been the right decision for us," said Dominic Gopal, CEO of Hypernix. "Some of the features introduced during the session, especially on the next level RPA – HyperAutomation – are exciting for the RPA space. The RPA space has become a bit stale after the recent hype, but the launch of Cyclone’s HyperAutomation is sure to generate more excitement. I also believe this will help companies looking to continue their journey to achieve true Digital Transformation."

"Thanks again for inviting me to be part of the panel discussion at your first-ever international PKO event. The program was well thought through and insightful in many ways," said Gerard Seng, CEO of Blacklight. "Cyclone lit up the stage by showcasing how an innovative product can transform companies and even industries. Overall, it was an illuminating session which demonstrated once again that the possibilities are endless with Cyclone’s innovative approach."

"Partners are the cornerstone of Cyclone’s growth and success. That is why we are constantly developing innovative ways to improve and offer additional benefits to our partner ecosystem. We are pleased to see that our partners recognize our product and enablement. We are looking forward to welcoming more partners, especially value-added resellers and Systems Integrators who bring digital automation solutions to clients to join us," said Bryan Tan, Regional Director of Asia Pacific Cyclone Robotics. "At the same time, we are also open to creative ways to engage with industry solution providers or managed service providers. Moving forward, we’ll continue to work relentlessly with all partners to expand the market further and bring joint value to the industry."

The APAC Partner Program is effective immediately, and interested partners can learn more or submit their application via

About Cyclone Robotics

Cyclone Robotics, a world-leading RPA provider and thought leader in hyperautomation, has experienced rapid expansion with an average annual growth rate of 400% since 2019. The company now has more than 600 members across 20 subsidiaries and branches around the world, serving nearly 1,000 global customers across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. In early 2021, Cyclone Robotics established its Singapore branch to empower APAC enterprises across a wide variety of sectors to accelerate their digital transformation efforts with Cyclone’s full RPA products & services portfolio. Its explosive business growth, leading technology, strong team, advanced product ideas, and ability to seize business opportunities have been particularly recognized by investors and international authorities. To date, Cyclone Robotics is the only RPA provider in China to have been included in the authoritative reports published by both Gartner and Forrester.


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