Curocell, Breaks Ground on ‘CAR-T Manufacturing GMP Facility’

DAEJEON, South Korea, Dec. 23, 2021 Curocell, currently on Phase?CAR-T Therapy clinical trial with CRC01 (anbalcabtagene autoleucel) has recently broken ground for the new CAR-T Center in Dungok Residential & Industrial Area in Daejeon International Science & Business Belt.

Aerial view of GMP Facility and R&D Center of Curocell
Aerial view of GMP Facility and R&D Center of Curocell

The GMP Facility for commercial manufacturing CAR-T Cell therapy and R&D Center for further pipeline development are constituting the 17,325 square-meter site of CAR-T Center.

By the first half of 2023, construction is expected to be completed and in 2024, when the CAR-T Center is fully operational, supply of advanced cure should be possible for patients in pain. Also, Curocell is expecting to expand their business to global market by in-housing all processes of CAR-T therapy development and production.

About CRC01 (anbalcabtagene autoleucel)

CRC01, recognized CD19 and is based on OVIS™, a first-in-class CAR-T platform. OVIS™ technology downregulates PD1 and TIGIT expression on CAR-T cells. Through overcoming the immune suppression by PD-1 and TIGIT ligands, OVIS™ CAR-T has superior cytotoxicity to tumor cells in the tumor microenvironment. Phase II clinical trial of CRC01 will start in South Korea in the first half of 2022.

About Curocell

Curocell, based in Daejeon, South Korea, is clinical-stage biotech innovating CAR-T therapies. Curocell is developing OVIS™ technology with the goal of improving clinical efficacy of CAR-T therapies. For more information, visit


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