Croptracker’s Latest Upgrade to its Harvest Quality Vision Technology is Changing the Game

Now Scans Cherries, Blueberries, Apples Down to Fractions of a Millimeter

KINGSTON, ON, Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Croptracker, Inc. has released its groundbreaking Harvest Quality Vision 3.0 (HQV 3.0) to simplify and accurately predict the size of harvested produce. It utilizes off the shelf LiDAR technology found within iPads and iPhones to scan fruits of all sizes and shapes, and returns highly accurate results in seconds. The portability, simplicity, speed, and accuracy of Croptracker’s HQV 3.0 is unmatched in the industry.

Cherries Scanned by HQV 3.0 in Chile
Cherries Scanned by HQV 3.0 in Chile

Croptracker’s proprietary AI technology recognizes fruits in the field and sizes them accurately to fractions of a millimeter (less than 3/100th of an inch). As a result, Croptracker’s HQV 3.0 will measure the individual color and size for any and all types of harvested apples, cherries, blueberries, pears, peaches, and more in a bin. In addition, this app scans your harvest and returns results back to the user within seconds, appearing on the scanning device. The software is flexible and HQV 3.0 scan results can be accessed from any web browser in addition to the mobile app.

HQV 3.0 has been beta tested around the world with Croptracker clients from New Zealand and Chile to growers in Washington, New York state, and Ontario. Growers and packers agree that HQV 3.0 completes critical sizing tasks that they require from their agtech software.

Mac Stewart, Field Representative of the Scenic Fruit Company in Washington state says that with HQV 3.0: "We can empower growers by moving the ‘grader’ to the field.  Learning the grade of fruit before it ever gets to the packing shed will help us and our growers to make better and more timely decisions about when to harvest.  Knowing accurate grades prior to processing will allow us to maximize the potential of each load."

The positive feedback from beta testers drives the team at Croptracker to continue producing new and innovative products that solve real problems by streamlining workflows, increasing value, and providing timely reports on the state of a crop.

Matt Deir, Founder and CEO of Croptracker states:
"Croptracker’s R&D is customer driven and focused on the end user. We don’t believe in launching products until they are solving real problems for our clients—who are more like our partners. Our customers have been looking for a solution to create greater operational efficiencies within their cherry harvests. We are confident that this upgrade to HQV will be a part of that solution."

Croptracker develops agtech solutions for industry leaders. Situated footsteps away from the beautiful and rural region of Eastern Ontario, Canada, our mission is to make crop production safer, more efficient, and more profitable. Designed with fresh market producers and distributors in mind, every tool we create is based on direct industry feedback. Croptracker’s award-winning farm software optimizes recordkeeping, labor tracking, production and cost management. Our integrative Harvest Quality Vision technology offers instant empirical analysis of crop samples exactly when you need it. Optimize your harvest season with Croptracker’s customizable solutions. Visit to learn more about our products and to contact us about app based solutions.

Jeff Chemeres, Chief Strategic Officer, 416-908-8672, [email protected]

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