Coolpo travels around SF in recent bus advertisements

SHANGHAI, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ –Coolpo, the global leader in 360-degree video conferencing is advertising its brand and product on buses throughout downtown SF. As the flag bearer of the Coolpo world tour, SF plays host to the brand’s attractive advertisement to be seen on bus routes throughout the Golden Gate City.

Coolpo travels around SF in recent bus advertisements
Coolpo travels around SF in recent bus advertisements

Buses carrying the face of Coolpo AI Huddle Pana will be traveling around different areas of considerable pedestrian and motorist traffic including:

– The salesforce Tower
– Golden Gate Park
– Fisherman’s Wharf
San Francisco State University (SFSU)
City College of San Francisco (CCSF)
…and so much more!

Since its ad campaign launched this year, numerous locals and tourists alike have already seen the product all over downtown ‘Frisco. From tourist spots, university zones, to business areas, keep a look out for Coolpo’s world-class design. Looking at corners, bus stops, wharfs, and other conspicuous places, you’ll surely spot the brand in one of SF buses!

San Francisco is one of the largest metropolitan statistical areas in the United States. The Golden City goes far and beyond Silicon Valley; it is home to around 5 million residents and more than one hundred sixteen thousand businesses. The city itself is on the rise to become the national leader in not just tech but also healthcare and finance.

Players in these industries are adopting the hybrid work model as best fits their company. With various hybrid meetings throughout the week, a reliable video conferencing device must be on hand in every business and school. With the increase of COVID-19 cases (not to mention number of variants), everyone should continue social distancing practices. So on the way to work or school, during days when you’re not at home for remote work/learning, keep an eye out for Coolpo in you area!

About Coolpo:

Coolpo’s flagship product, the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, is an All-in-One video conferencing device that includes innovative features such as a 360° camera and speakers, 4 smart microphones, and Meeting Flex technology that stitches images together to create a panoramic shot of your huddle room spaces. Its plug-and-play feature allows users to easily maneuver the Pana. However, for advanced picture and video customization, CoolpoTools is available for safe & free download as well. The company believes in protecting its customers’ privacy and security through its current and up-and-coming products and services.


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