Comica Releases BoomX-U — A New Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Comica released the BoomX-U, a well equipped broadcast UHF mini wireless dual-channel microphone.

BoomX-U: Broadcasting-Level Multi-functional Mini UHF Wireless Microphone with Dual-transmitters and One Receiver
BoomX-U: Broadcasting-Level Multi-functional Mini UHF Wireless Microphone with Dual-transmitters and One Receiver

BoomX-U is a perfect blend of consumer-grade wireless microphone and professional-level wireless microphone. It aims to professionalize consumer-level users through more stable and long-distance transmission; lighten professional-level users through more convenient and diversified operations with a small and compact body. That original intention of the research and development makes BoomX-U not only outstanding for short videos, daily vlogs and music, live broadcast, teaching, and other multi-scenario applications, but also excellent in professional shooting fields such as movies, micro-films, commercials, conferences, and hosting when the shooting is complicated or requires high audio quality.

BoomX-U uses the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band that has longer wavelengths, longer transmission distances, and more stability. There are not many devices using UHF bands so there will be few cases of interference. Moreover, it can realize multi-receiver monitoring and shooting. Therefore, when users are in a complex environment or in commercial shooting, wireless microphones using UHF band should be their first choice.

BoomX-U has also become an optimal solution, it is a dual-channel system, which meets the needs of multiple people recording at the same time. On this basis, the mono and stereo modes are also set up. Moreover, the built-in microphone and the external lavalier (lapel mic) are fully equipped without additional purchase. A small and exquisite anti-loosening clip is designed to avoid staccato due to the looseness of the lavalier microphone, and to provide protection for the sound. The volume can be adjusted bidirectional to adjust the 16-levels volume more quickly; the 180-degree rotatable antenna creates the possibility for a transmission distance of 120 meters; the screen display of the receiver is designed with a flip-able function so that when the receiver is clamped on the camera’s hot-shoe, it can be easily monitored on both sides. The battery life is 6 hours, and it can also be used while charging.

Comica is not only creating a more satisfying and more suitable audio solution for consumers but the company is innovating and making progress. In the future, the company looks forward to additional releases, adding more high-quality audio products, and empowering the media industry.

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