CMHK and BExcellent Group (Beacon College) jointly launch the brand new “Sync-Class Pro” to establish a digital learning norm with technology & to create a smart learning city

HONG KONG, May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — China Mobile Hong Kong Limited (CMHK) and BExcellent Group Holdings Limited (the parent company of "Beacon") signed a copyright permission and value-added service agreement to reinforce cooperation between the two parties. Through this collaboration, the two parties aim to leverage their expertise and leadership in the fields of education and technology, partnering to bring innovation into learning by fully digitizing learning and utilizing artificial intelligence systems to integrate 5G technology into education. The overall aim of the collaboration is to enhance the development of the "smart learning city" in Hong Kong as well as in the Greater Bay Area ("GBA").

The service agreement was signed by Mr. Sean Lee (front row, left), Director and Chief Executive of CMHK, and Ms. June Leung Ho Ki (front row, right), Executive Director and Chairperson of BExcellent Group, and witnessed by Dr. Max Ma (back row, left), Director and Executive Vice President of CMHK, and Mr. TAM Wai Lung (back row, right), Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of BExcellent Group.
The service agreement was signed by Mr. Sean Lee (front row, left), Director and Chief Executive of CMHK, and Ms. June Leung Ho Ki (front row, right), Executive Director and Chairperson of BExcellent Group, and witnessed by Dr. Max Ma (back row, left), Director and Executive Vice President of CMHK, and Mr. TAM Wai Lung (back row, right), Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of BExcellent Group.

"Sync-Class", an industry-leading education platform, was introduced by CMHK and has received favorable feedback from a range of sectoral representatives since its launch. "Sync-Class" provides students with the most-updated, high-quality and exclusive education information, breaking through constraints of time and space and allowing students to learn anytime, anywhere at their own pace, and towards the goal of "Merging Technology into Education". To further enhance the content and functionality of "Sync-Class", CMHK has joined with Beacon to create a brand-new e-learning application, "Sync-Class Pro", which mitigates previous shortcomings of e-learning and traditional classrooms by providing students with a quality e-learning platform, including game-based learning and complementary teaching tools that solve a perceived problem of e-learning, namely an intrinsic lack of engagement.

"Sync-Class Pro" introduces full content upgrades and functions to benefit students and parents

"Sync-Class Pro" will provide a wide range of courses, from kindergarten to senior secondary school level, professional examinations, overseas educational examinations and overseas courses together with Beacon, the exclusive content partner, benefitting parents and students in Hong Kong and in the GBA. In addition to the provision of learning videos for various subjects and levels by Beacon, "Sync-Class Pro" has also upgraded its content and functionality, including:

Personalized courses recommended by AI : big data is utilized to adjust the teaching process, analyze students’ different learning needs and provide them with personalized content recommendations

Live class function : regardless of time and geographical constraints, teachers can interact with students in real-time, and keep track of each student’s learning condition, as well as providing individual guidance to improve learning effectiveness

Interactive assessments and exercises : students can partake in in-class assessments and exercises during and after classes, which allow real-time test and Q&A sessions during live streaming, and thus perfecting the teaching programme and improving the teaching quality

Online examinations : providing students with an online examination venue, even for cross-boundary students, students are no longer restricted to regions and can take their examinations online from anywhere as long as network coverage is available

Smart learning analysis : to offer a solution for parents who cannot systematically trace their children’s performance in class, smart learning analysis provides reports to parents so they can monitor the study progress of their children in each class. Meanwhile, teachers can notify parents of their children’s status in class in real-time through an SMS service on the platform, so parents can effectively guide their children on class preparation and revision.

Ms. June Leung Ho Ki, Executive Director and Chairperson of BExcellent Group, said, "As the exclusive partner of ‘Sync-Class Pro’, Beacon has jointly launched the new e-learning platform with CMHK, which marks a significant step forward in the digitization of education in Hong Kong. Learning is no longer only confined to the classroom, and this effort to create a ‘Merge of Technology in Education’ will become a new trend going forwards. As a pioneer in the industry, Beacon will provide parents and students in Hong Kong and the GBA with high-quality teaching content and big data evaluation through "Sync-Class Pro", enabling them to know their students’ study progress in real-time, as well as provide them with personalized teaching through the use of big data analysis."

She continues, "This will revolutionize the unidirectional education model, enabling the teaching of students according to their specific aptitudes, and connecting teachers and students in the class. With the inclusion of big data analysis, copyright maintenance and online examination functions in ‘Sync-Class Pro’, I am delighted to see more professionals joining our ‘Sync-Class Pro’ platform, and in the near future we will be able to achieve a win-win situation for all parties."

Mr. Sean Lee, Director & Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong, said, "As online learning has become increasingly popular and continues to set global trends, CMHK has been actively developing the online education platform ‘Sync-Class’ since 2018 with the aim ultimately of creating a pathway to a smart learning city. Online learning typically faces numerous challenges, including network speed limitations, availability of teaching content and copyright issues for tutors’ courses, as well as mutually acceptable calculations of the revenue share between the organization and tutors."

Mr. Lee continues, "The launch of the brand-new ‘Sync-Class Pro’ is a one-stop solution for users and partners to address these pain points, such as with industry-leading 5G high-speed network availability for a seamless live streaming experience; and, the addition of high-standard copyright protection technology to guarantee the copyrights of cooperating organizations and their tutors. Meanwhile, an automatic revenue splitting function is added into the system’s financial reporting functionality to reduce administrative costs for partners and tutors in calculating their share of revenue. We hope to encourage more high-quality educational institutions to join the development of online teaching through perfecting online teaching support, integrating technology into education, and enhancing the quality of learning for local students and those in the GBA."

The cooperation between CMHK and Beacon, which has over 32 years of experience in teaching, has resulted in the partners jointly launching "Sync-Class Pro", which represents a true connection between education and technology, linking and integrating upstream and downstream resources in the education industry, as well as leading the development of digitalization in the sector. The concept of "Learning is not only confined to a classroom" will become the new norm, and the "Merge of Technology in Education" will also be a developing future trend. The application of big data is set to be the biggest engine for education industry development in the next 10 years. CMHK will continue to develop online education, supporting services in the hope of laying the foundation for online teaching in Hong Kong, and creating a better smart learning city for the next generation.

Starting from today until 10 July 2021, all courses will offer a free partial preview. For more information on "Sync-Class Pro", please visit:

About China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited ("CMHK") is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Limited (HKEx: 941) (NYSE: CHL), which ranks 65th on the Fortune Global 500. CMHK was incepted in January 1997 and was the first mobile network operator to launch PCS services in Hong Kong.

The Company offers innovative and comprehensive communications services, including voice, data, IDD and international roaming through 5G, 4G LTE and 3GHSPA and other technologies. The Company is committed to the development of 5G with new technologies such as artificial

intelligence, internet of things, cloud computing and big data, integrating 5G applications in different industries, promoting the construction and development of smart city groups in Greater Bay Area.

* China Mobile (Hong Kong) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Limited. As of 31 December 2019, China Mobile Limited had the largest number of mobile network subscribers in the world.

About BExcellent Group Holdings Limited (To be provided by BExcellent)

BExcellent Group Holdings Limited is a public listed company in Hong Kong. (SEHK: 1775) The group provides private supplementary secondary school education services for students under the "Beacon" brand. Beacon mainly offers tutorial classes at the secondary level, day-time secondary courses for senior secondary students, pre-education courses and life-learning courses. With the effort and passion of their outstanding and highly qualified teachers, the group has now established an extensive network of teaching centres throughout the territory. Beacon currently runs 12 teaching centres with a capacity approaching 100 classrooms, serving tens of thousands of students each year. Beacon is the largest chain operated education organisation in Hong Kong.

Beacon has a good reputation and provides high-quality education. From 2012 – 2020, over 50 super scholars (DSE takers who received a level 5** in 7 or more DSE test subjects) have enrolled with Beacon, with most of them enrolling with Beacon for two or more years. Beacon has helped countless students in their university admission journey.

In recent years, Beacon has been actively developing its online education service. Since 2020, Beacon  completed over  1.3 million teaching hours, and served over 30,000 unique students via online services provided by the Group. Beacon also operates an online system that aims to assess the abilities of secondary students. Over 150 secondary schools and over 360 teachers from various subjects have signed up to use the service. And over 7000 students use the system.

Beacon has been named as a "Caring Company" for 12 years consecutively since 2008. BExcellent Group Holdings Limited was awarded "2018 Hong Kong Top Service Brand" from the Hong Kong Brand Development Council to recognise BExcellent Group’ s outstanding contribution in the education field.

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