ChuanQi IP, ‘MIR2M: The Warrior’ The recommender system has been updated

  • MIR2M: The Warrior was launched in the global market (except Korea, China) on September 1st
  • The Recommender System and Luxury Monthly Subscription additional reward event update are in progress
  • It is a role-playing game featuring Eastern Oriental Martial art, it is being developed using the IP of The Legend of Mir 2

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WEMADE (CEO: Henry Chang)’s subsidiary company ChuanQi IP has launched in the global market (except Korea, China) offers for its first game in the MIR2M series, ‘MIR2M: The Warrior’ on September 1st.

ChuanQi IP, 'MIR2M: The Warrior' The recommender system has been updated.
ChuanQi IP, ‘MIR2M: The Warrior’ The recommender system has been updated.

The recommender system is a new type of group system that allows users to connect production and consumption freely between each other. Those who want to be a recommender can invite other users as group members, and the recommender and group members can receive buff effects (physical attack, physical defense, vitality and luck etc.). When a group member consumes, a certain amount of Septaria it is paid to the recommender as compensation. Additional reward event for Luxury Monthly Subscription is also ongoing.

‘MIR2M: the Warrior’ is a role-playing game that features Eastern Oriental Martial Art, which is being developed using the IP of WEMADE’s representative work The Legend of Mir 2. In this game, players can enjoy a variety of PK contents (Sabuk Overlord, Sanctuary Battlefield, etc.) and clan contents (Guild Boss, Guild Carriage Escort, etc.).

More fun is added with a Play and Earn (P&E) method that uses CQB tokens, which can be produced with septaria. The septaria can be obtained for free while playing the game. CQB token will be applied to future games in the MIR2M series.

Jointly developed by ChuanQi IP and Hunter Games, ‘MIR2M: The Warrior was onboarded to WEMADE’s blockchain game platform ‘WEMIX PLAY’. Playable on both mobile devices and PC client versions.

Check out detailed information on ‘MIR2M: The Warrior’ and Updates and Event on the game’s official website.

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