[CES 2022] Auto Companies in Korea and Elsewhere Show Enthusiasm for SONIC WAVE Car Seat: HUTECH Sets the Tone in the Mobility Market with High-end Massage Chair Tech

– HUTECH’s SONIC WAVE car seat gains attention from industry officials for its innovative technology

– Overseas motor industry praises it as “one of the most promising technological solutions for the future.”

– “We will lead the industry with our SONIC WAVE massage system widely recognized for its market potential”… HUTECH

GIMPO-SI, South Korea, Jan. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HUTECH Industries, a healthcare device manufacturer specializing in massage machines, reported keen interest in its machines at CES 2022 on January 8. HUTECH took part in CES 2022 held in Las Vegas on January 5, unveiling a SONIC WAVE car seat for the first time in the massage chair industry and showing the possibility of expanding the scope of the industry into the future mobility market.



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The company’s SONIC WAVE car seat goes way beyond the pneumatic massage technology of existing products introduced by domestic and overseas brands, and is opening up a new market with a fresh solution called SONIC WAVE. By applying SONIC WAVE massage technology to mobility rather than depending on conventional tapping massage modules, it provides the best-possible massaging solution in a moving car where safety is the top concern.

In particular, the three-dimensional massage created by combining the pneumatic massage mechanism. which delivers a gentle acupressure feeling, and the SONIC WAVE massage system, which delivers vibration to the depths of the muscles through skin contact, caught the attention of buyers at the trade show.

In fact, executives and managers of top domestic auto manufactures showed a keen interest in the SONIC WAVE car seat and visited the booth to experience it in person, and some of them declared that SONIC WAVE would be one of the most promising technological solutions for the future. In addition, Internet-of-Things (IoT) industry officials commented that HUTECH’s innovative technology has the potential to be applied in its industry and would help the industry raise market competitiveness.

Joo Hwa-don, HUTECH’s managing director in charge of product development, said, "We are happy to be highly recognized for the future growth potential of our innovative technology on a global stage by participating in CES 2022. We will lead the industry’s innovation by undertaking R&D efforts relentlessly."

The company plans to accelerate its pace of expansion to new business areas through partnerships with companies across the world so that the SONIC WAVE massage system can be used in various mobility applications using CES 2022 as its momentum.

Homepage: http://hutech-korea.com/


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