CEM Introduces the Future of Microwave Digestion

MATTHEWS, N.C., Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CEM Corporation, a leading supplier of sample preparation systems, is pleased to introduce the all new BLADETM automated microwave digestion system. The BLADE brings speed, simplicity, flexibility, and performance to elemental sample preparation. CEM introduced the first commercially available microwave digestion system to the world in 1985 and is transforming sample prep again with the introduction of the BLADE.

BLADE Automated Microwave Digestion System
BLADE Automated Microwave Digestion System

"CEM is a science-based technology company passionate about simplifying science. CEM’s passion is to disrupt markets with innovative solutions that provide speed and simplicity…we make things faster, simpler and smaller.  We believe the BLADE is truly a breakthrough technology that will completely transform the world of microwave digestion in the next few years." said Mike Collins, President and CEO of CEM.

The BLADE was designed by chemists, for chemists. Combining CEM’s world class engineering capabilities with over 100 years of microwave digestion knowledge, CEM worked alongside our customers in the development of this technology to design a system that meets the needs of today’s busy elemental analysis labs. With this in mind, BLADE was designed to provide the fastest digestions of any system in the world. The high-purity quartz vessels and simple snap-on-caps eliminate vessel assembly and allow labs to prepare samples for digestion in seconds.  The built-in barcode scanner allows labs to follow a sample from balance to analysis with ease.

The BLADE is based on Single Mode Cavity™ (SMC™) technology that focuses the highest density of microwave energy directly on the sample, yielding faster and more complete digestions in minutes. The BLADE is the only digestion system with continuous sequential automation that automatically loads and unloads samples from the cavity, allowing for uninterrupted sample processing and more instrument uptime. This technology combination allows labs to mix and match samples and automatically digest them without the need for any operator intervention.

CEM Corporation, a private company based in Matthews, North Carolina, is a leading provider of laboratory instrumentation. The Company has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Ireland, and Singapore, as well as a global network of distributors. CEM designs and manufactures systems for life sciences, analytical laboratories and processing plants worldwide. The Company’s products are used in many industries including pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food processing, as well as academic research.



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