Celebrate Double 12 with the all-new coocaa S6G Pro powered by Android 10

MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This Christmas season, make space for a new addition to the smart home with the highly anticipated coocaa S6G Pro Smart TV. With sales going on all over Southeast Asia, coocaa has built brand awareness among trusted customers in and around Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand to mention a few.

Expect crisper, richer display in the S6G Pro’s ultra-thin infinity screen, expansive storage empowered by the latest Android 10.0, and built-in Google Assistant for a true smart-home experience – and that’s not all!

Powered by the latest and highly advanced Android 10.0 which boasts faster response time, more powerful functionality, and an abundance of contents compared to Android 9.0, the all-new Android 10.0 also introduces:

  1. Intelligent push-content based on your preferences, so you can watch all your favourite shows from Netflix, YouTube, to Amazon Prime – all uniquely customized according to any taste.
  2. Advanced storage encryption, network traffic-monitoring user-privacy, and advanced AV1 decoding for faster data transfers, so users are sure to experience enhanced live-streaming capabilities likes no other – goodbye buffering, and hello online-gaming.
  3. Powerful operating systems with a 30% increase in energy-efficiency.

Android 10.0 also provides advanced and friendly user-interface, so enjoy every moment with friends and family from the click of a button.

Celebrate Double 12 with the all-new coocaa S6G Pro powered by Android 10
Celebrate Double 12 with the all-new coocaa S6G Pro powered by Android 10

With coocaa’s high-performing S6G Pro powered by Android 10, expect an array of brilliant features such as:

  1. One-click Google Assistant with the latest Voice control capabilities, bringing ultimate ease of use for kids and elders alike.
  2. Expansive 2 + 32 GB storage for all your favourite apps, with low lag and even lower latency.
  3. Increased performance thanks to an advanced chip supported by Chameleon Extreme 2.0, enhancing image quality and TV processing by 50% compared to standard TV sets.

coocaa has been committed to building a true ecosystem of smart-home products. The S6G Pro is just that. More than just a Smart TV, the S6G Pro turns dreams of smart-living into reality as a personal home-assistant – truly enhancing the smart life experience.

To celebrate the upcoming Double 12 Shopping Spree, the S6G Pro is on promotion with free coupons when you visit the coocaa store, including awesome hampers with your first order. https://bit.ly/349OHxl

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