CDNetworks Successfully Mitigated L7 DDoS Attacks with Trillions of Requests

DIAMOND BAR, Calif., Jan. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CDNetworks, the global leader in CDN, edge computing and cloud security, secures your business and guarantees continuous service operations on a 24/7/365 basis. To that end, it has successfully detected and mitigated over 40 large scale L7 DDoS attacks targeting a few customers on its CDN Pro platform since November, 2021. According to analysis by the company’s big data team, hackers have been launching these cyberattacks with more than 100 thousand malware-infected mobile or IoT devices.  Each of these attacks lasted from 1 to 12 hours and the volume has topped 100 billion. As the following chart shows, the request per second (RPS) for L7 DDoS attacks reached a peak of 7.5 million in January 2022.

Attack Request Rate in January 2022
Attack Request Rate in January 2022

"This strength and duration of these recent L7 DDoS attacks are not seen before. They show a disturbing trend that such attacks are escalating quickly and more difficult to defend than ever." said Bin Ni, CTO of CDNetworks. "With over 2800 edge PoPs deployed worldwide and its huge bandwidth reserve, CDNetworks can promptly identify and took protective actions against DDoS attacks of any level."

The CDNetworks edge security platform analyzes all the incoming traffic in real time to identify attacks. The majority of the attacks are blocked at L4 to most efficiently use the network bandwidth and computing power. Its CDN Pro user interface also allows configuration of custom rules to reject malicious requests at L7 and feedback the intelligence to the security platform to benefit the entire edge product line.

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DDoS attacks continue to surge. According to the CDNetworks’ State of Web Security H1 2021, the CDNetworks security platform detected roughly 30 million DDoS attacks at all layers, which combines cloud security capabilities to guarantee the security and stability of services even when facing massive malicious cyberattacks. At present, CDNetworks has integrated 50 security features, including data security, application security, access security, and zero-trust security, etc.

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