CCTV+: Nanchang steps up efforts to promote China’s aviation industry

BEIJING, Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — East China’s Jiangxi Province has established an aviation-dominant industry cluster, Nanchang Aviation Industrial City. It is an aviation science and innovation center based on aviation industry and a variety of related industries.

Nanchang Aviation Industrial City
Nanchang Aviation Industrial City

Nanchang, provincial capital of Jiangxi, has laid out blueprint of building the country’s largest aviation industry cluster on a vast land of 50 square kilometers. More than 60 relevant businesses have settled in the city.

The aviation industry city is divided into aviation industry zone, airport test flight zone, military-civilian integration industry zone, airplane supporting material zone, aviation characteristic town and lakeside ecological zone according to its functions.

At present, 65 projects have settled in the aviation industrial city, with a total investment of about 68 billion yuan (around 10.68 billion U.S. dollars). A brand new aviation industry city integrating aviation product development and manufacturing, international business subcontracting, general aviation operation and service, aviation education, expo, tourism, culture, sports and entertainment is taking shape.

To attract more high-quality aviation enterprises to settle down, the aviation industrial city has customized workshops for different enterprises, promoted the construction of a series of major projects and worked hard to make the buildings fully furnished. Now, a batch of enterprises and main institutes have officially settled in it.

In order to improve the supporting facilities, the aviation industrial city actively promotes the construction of roads and landscapes, introduces high-quality schools and medical resources. The aviation industrial city has done all the efforts to guarantee a harmonious and high-quality living environment.

The aviation industrial city has held flight convention for two consecutive years, which effectively promotes the popularity of this place. In 2020, the number of visitors to Nanchang Flight Convention reached 108,000, and 21 aviation industry projects and talent projects were signed during the convention, with a total investment of about 45 billion yuan (7.07 billion U.S. dollars).

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