The global logistics software company reinforces its continued growth in the North American market by announcing its decision to launch and build a customer success and sales team in Mexico City.

SINGAPORE, June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CARGOBASE, the global logistics tech platform for enterprise shippers, announced today that it is expanding its footprint in North America with the opening of its first office in Mexico. The company has chosen Santa Fe, Mexico City as the location to serve its regional and local customers, citing its access to a great source of talent from local universities as a draw factor.

"Prior to the pandemic, we were already seeing companies across industries expand and move their manufacturing activities from the US and Asia to Mexico. During the pandemic, we noticed that more companies are, as well, setting up logistics operations and control towers in Mexico to serve the entire North American region. As part of a new generation of logistics tech companies with a focus on automation and globalisation, our presence in Mexico facilitates us working alongside our customers to improve our offering and ensure our customers’ continued success," said Wiebe Helder, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Cargobase.

"This expansion marks a milestone in Cargobase’s international strategy. We believe having a local presence in Mexico is key to accomplishing the growth targets that we’ve set for the company. With more companies hiring senior executives with decision-making power in Mexico, it creates bigger opportunities; we don’t just want to witness a ‘Mexican Momentum’, we want to drive and participate in it. The pool of talent here is amazing and has the energy we as a scale-up need to grow," Helder continues.

The office in Mexico City will have customer success and sales representatives who will primarily focus on the automotive and electronics manufacturers based across the country. The company has made its first hires and expects to have a team of 10 staff by the end of Q3. The Mexico City office will also be the first point of contact for new and existing customers in South America, where Cargobase is seeing particularly strong adoption in countries such as Brazil and Uruguay.

About Cargobase

Cargobase is a Singapore headquartered enterprise software company offering a transport management system for contracted and non-contracted freight. Its solution supports global inbound and outbound logistics flows, including project, production and non-production supply chains. Cargobase’s land and expand approach gives the customers a solution that works in weeks, integrated or as a standalone solution, and delivers immediate ROI. The company was founded in Singapore, in 2013 and has since established offices in The Netherlands, United States, and India. Its customer base is primarily large listed companies across industries using Cargobase on a daily basis across 55 countries.


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