Canon Patents Choice Automation Between JPEG and RAW

Are you a JPEG Shooter? or a RAW Shooter? I’m sure you have been shooting using both formats. The common problem of course if you shoot using both formats at different instances is that you will have a difficult time in sorting out your photos especially if you have already shot thousands of them. Indeed, categorizing your photos is really a daunting task.

This problem is about to be a thing of the past if the new system discovery that was patented by Canon will be truly implemented into the modern DSLR’s. The system that was patented by Canon was a system that automates saving the photos in JPEG or RAW depending on the photo quality. Obviously those photos that are of high quality will be saved in RAW and the not so good photos will be saved in JPEG. With this automation changing your settings from RAW to JPEG or JPEG to RAW will be obsolete, you only need one setting and that is to automate.

However, this JPEG and RAW sorting system is not yet implemented and it was just patented by Canon, where this system was originally discovered by Egami. If implemented this Patent will definitely be very valuable as it is integrated into Canon’s new lines of DSLR cameras.


From Egami Site


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