Gmail, G+ and Google Hangouts Service Interruption


It would seem like the guys at Google are working on something with regards to their Gmail, G+ and Google Hangouts services that it caused some disruption of service for several minutes at least on our side. We particularly noticed that Gmail shows an error with regards to access to our contact which Google further explained that users will not be able to avail of the email address autocomplete on Gmail but one can still send emails if you type in the complete email address.

As for  Google Hangouts we’ve noticed that chat messages are delayed if not it shows error whenever a message is being sent. Google plus was also down for several minutes.

We suspected that the reason for this disruption is because the team at Google are working on the new share box which you can now see at the upper right corner of your gmail window it is a box with a + inside it. When you click this icon it will display a share box which allows you to easily post on Google Plus.

Disruptions in Google services is uncommon and sometimes announcements are made prior, so this disruption really created a buzz online and some of the users took to Social media to share the news or to rant or even to simply verify if they are the only ones experiencing the disruption of service.

Here are some of the Tweets that we gathered around the twitterverse


Well there are lots more Twitter posts about the Gmail and G+ disruption of service but of course we can’t post them all here. But it really made our point that every hiccup Google makes it will affect a lot of people.


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