Building up a happy work environment to bring unlimited opportunities for employees at FPT Software

HANOI, Vietnam, Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FPT Software Chairwoman- Chu Thi Thanh Ha shared about the journey to create the best work environment at FPT Software, putting employees at the center of this journey.

Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Ha- Chairwoman of FPT Software at America branch
Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Ha- Chairwoman of FPT Software at America branch

According to a few recent reports, FPT Software still maintains double-digit growth even under the effect of the COVID-19 epidemic. There must have been many difficulties, can you share how the company has managed the situation and continued growing even during the pandemic?

At FPT Software, we put the safety of our employees the top priority. We are always ready to change to provide our employees with the best work experience, maintain operations and business continuity, ensure uninterrupted operation. To achieve this, we improvised by preparing new infrastructure, devices and equipped with new ways of working.

We take every measure to move from WFO to WFH in areas affected by the pandemic, limit the short transition period within just a few days, ensure security and protect confidential information of our clients. There are always constant on-duty teams working on important projects, without interruption. To be able to do this, we invested in FPT Software’s infrastructure thoroughly.

For committed teams staying at the company to complete a project, we arrange with care and attention, considerate for long-term benefits. Evidently, after 2-3 months, there have not been any problems with the "three on-site rules" teams (camping at the office).

Last year, FPT Software was proud to be the first company to open the largest vaccination campaign in the history of Vietnam. Up till now, we have also started the third injection for most of the qualified staff. These efforts help us ensure "green employees", maintain "green offices" for the company.

Globally, we keep in touch across offices, both internally and externally with our clients. At the same time, FPT Software adopts a flexible system of response in the long run, and we aim to open nearshore production centers for key markets. The goal is to ensure the quality of each project, provide 24/7 continuous service, and be close to the clients – taking advantage of the proximity in terms of culture and time zone.

The operating methods during the new normal still follow information security, and help us accompany our customers. We moved and arranged all offline meetings to online format. FPT Software also created new working models – multi-site processing projects in different countries. To meet the requirements of customers, we organize projects with mobilizing resources from various countries: VietnamUSAIndiaPhilippinesCosta Rica.

These preparations made it possible for us to operate 1,700 projects continuously at the same time, without interruptions or issues, all the while working from home for a long time or even urgently developing and deploying the "three on-site rules" model on a large scale.

Not stopping at those socio-economic results, with the contribution from each member, FPT Software persists in creating a happy work environment, bringing unlimited opportunities to more than 22,000 employees. The certification of "Great Place to Work" and award "Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021"- HR Asia Awards are the affirmation of the unique, professional and sustainable values we cultivate on a daily basis.

What did your company do to maintain the work morale of employees and ensure productivity?

To maintain productivity, FPT Software focuses on investing in the most modern infrastructure and management system. As we provide a hybrid of different working solutions, FPT Software adopted and followed the set rules of applying internal work tools, tracking progress and group workload, while each member worked independently, in an online work environment. For a company filled with young people, offline events can easily be converted to online. Overseas branches provide happy-hour weekly. Corporate culture departments, internal departments organized music, events, talk shows. From there, employees helped share and spread the word about FPT Software’s internal network infrastructure, enriching the worklife and creating companionship.

Recognition and reward activities are always practiced in a timely manner, conducted via an online platform, an internal super app that can integrate all employee information, cultural and entertainment news, and integrate other functions to serve the life and work of our employees called MyFPT.

The company’s achievements are celebrated online happily, boosting FPT Software people’s morale in time.

FPT Software has more than 3,000 employees operating globally. In the past 2 years, it was impossible to return to Vietnam. Therefore, the company paid regular visits, sending gifts to families and parents, gave updates on the business situation to the family, helping both employees and family members feel secure.

As the pioneer in digital transformation in Vietnam, how did FPT Software create a digital work environment for employees?

Throughout the years, FPT Software has moved to the digital work environment, within the direction of digital transformation in the heart of our company, adopting operational softwares to reduce costs and increase productivity. We also implemented a paperless system – saving paper and resources. In terms of training, we provided nearly 20,000 accounts along with 6,000 courses on the Udemy platform with lecturers from Stanford University to our staff. To increase employee’s income, the company provides akaJob, an internal platform that supports distribution, arrangement, and cross-recruitment between departments, helping employees increase the proportion of work efficiency.

The Turn-over-rate in the IT industry is particularly high and FPT software is no exception. What do you think about this and what counter measures did you take?

IT is an industry that requires dynamic and creative human resources, and is also an industry with a high turnover rate. This happens not only in Vietnam but in every other country.

In the past 2 years, we have taken measures to reduce this rate, especially during the outbreak of the pandemic. It has improved a lot, proving that we are going tin the right direction of the business in the future, meeting with the employees’ needs.

We focused on ensuring welfare in terms of security, insurance, benefits, bonuses, benefits outside of work, training, personal development and career boosting with employee-centered programs at heart.

Along with pushing time efficiency and increasing income with XJob on akaJob, our staff can choose to rotate and try out different positions in various areas and locations.

In the future, what are your plans to build FPT Software into a company with a better working environment?

In the new normal, each country will have its own plan of operation, as we cannot travel as easily as before the epidemic.

FPT Software aims to establish a flexible work model and management system: work anywhere, anytime, which is not tied to location but prioritizes work efficiency.

At the same time, the company still adapts combined work from home and work from office, ensuring operational flexibility. That way, we can strengthen our post-pandemic response, without affecting the lives of our employees and business results.

2021 ended with a special result from the One Team spirit – the solidarity, dedication and innovative mindset of FPT Software people on a global scale. We no longer face the unfamiliar situation with unexpected social distancing, the rushes following unexpected turns, but instead, we are well-prepared in every aspect, ready and proactive to deal with any changes due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working together and quickly adapting to the "new normal", in 2021 FPT Software grew by 23% with total revenue of 631 million USD, and this is the first time that our profit exceeds the threshold of 100 million USD. Maintaining this growth momentum, we expect to join the team of "Billion Dollar Company" by 2023, upon our anniversary of a quarter of a century we established and developed FPT Software. I am proud and grateful for the contribution of all employees in every position within the company.


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