Building an Intelligent Life, 132nd Canton Fair Creates “Virtual Showroom” for Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/The 132nd China Import and Export Fair ("Canton Fair"), which opened on October 15 as a virtual exhibition, is exhibiting over 140,000 intelligent products from top high-tech enterprises. As a trade promotion platform, the Canton Fair has created a "virtual showroom" to showcase the latest achievements of China’s intelligent manufacturing and innovative technologies that are building a better, more intelligent life for everyone.

Wuhan Linptech Co., Ltd. ("Linptech") is highlighting a series of innovative products, including self-powered wireless smart switches and doorbells, human body sensors and magnetic sensors for doors and windows. These new products were created with the company’s self-developed Linptech wireless protocol, which meets the super-low power consumption requirements of micro kinetic energy generation and ensures the stability and reliability of information transmission as well as the robustness under complex conditions to achieve passive and wireless two-way communication.

"We are witnessing the significant rise in the status of Chinese manufacturing in the global value chain. Linptech has tackled the core technologies and owns multiple patents for inventions at home and abroad, aiming to providing reliable and convenient products and solutions for smart homes and buildings." said Ms Liao Xiaohui, Sales Manager of Linptech. "The Canton Fair is now a much more diverse and inclusive platform where we are meeting buyers of all scales, from large importers to small shop owners, and the combination of online and offline exhibition has breakthrough the limitation of space and time."

Guangdong Roule Electronics Co., Ltd. ("Roule") is highlighting its motion solar security light that helps users look after their house. The lamp supports remote real-time monitoring and video full-duplex intercom. When human movement is detected in the night, it automatically lights up and sends an alarm video to the cellphone. The security lamp is powered by solar energy and detects ambient light conditions so that during the day it only sends real-time alarm video without turning on the light.

From smart switches to full home automation, intelligent technologies are now entering more households, and small appliances are becoming smarter. The Canton Fair is following the latest trends and provides a platform for companies that not only introduce the latest innovative achievements but also inspire continuous innovations that will provide a competitive advantage and lead the trend.

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