Brandstars Announces ‘2022 Korea Representative Brand’

SEOUL, South Korea, April 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the 4th ‘2022 Korea Representative Brand’ hosted by the BrandStars Selection Committee, the best brands by industry were presented to major Asia media. 

Brandstars Announces ‘2022 Korea Representative Brand’
Brandstars Announces ‘2022 Korea Representative Brand’

By industry, Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Z Flip 3 (smartphone), Hyundai Motor’s Genesis (car), Kia EV6 (electric car), LG Electronics’ Whisen (air conditioner), Shinsegae Department Store (shopping), SSG (online shopping), Bacchus (energy drink),  Agabang (baby clothes), Bekjo Calmforte (kitchenware), Neo Safe Guard (KF-94 mask), Kiturami (boiler) were selected. In the category of entertainment, BTS (K-pop group) was chosen.

In the field of K-beauty, Amorepacific’s Sulhwasoo (cosmetics), LG Household and Health Care’s The History of Whoo (oriental medical cosmetics), Olive Young (beauty multi-shop), and Well-Being Health Pharm (skin care) were selected.

The best K-food brands selected were Bibigo (ready-to-eat food), Ottogi (ramen, ketchup), Binggrae Banana Flavored Milk (milk), Buldak-bokkeum-myeon (spicy ramen), Chapaghetti (Chajang ramen), Mamacook (side-dish store), Paris Baguette (bakery), and Baunenajoogomtang (beef- bone soup).

Asan Medical Center (Medical Check-up) And Cheongkwanjang (Red Ginseng) Were Chosen In The Category Of Healthcare; Volvik(Golf), LF Hazzys (Casual Wear) And Fila (Sportswear) Were Selected In The Category Of K-fashion; Jeju (Tourism City) And Seoul Gyeongridan-gil (Hot Place) Were Selected As Tourism Brands.

Among Brand-K companies, Liku (for babies), Boto (health food), and Duz Dryer (pet products) were selected.


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