Bizverse has officially become a Meta long-term strategic partnership

Bizverse officially became a long-term strategic partnership with Meta in the "IMDA & Meta Start-up Accelerator" program, marking a significant milestone for the project’s growth.

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –The Bizverse crew exerted tremendous effort to excellently become a Meta long-term strategy partnership. Through many rounds of competitive advantages review, Bizverse has attracted the attention of a team of reputable experts from Meta.

After a vigorous discussion about the future of the Metaverse, Bizverse once again presented a clear and professional roadmap outlining the development process, aims, and current location of the project and vision for the future of the Metaverse.

"Bizverse is a technology company that offers answers to business problems by utilizing the social networking model (Social Networking) and the contactless economy platform’s technologies (The Contactless Economy). Blockchain, Digital Twin, 3D Map, VR360, and VRFairs are just a few of the technologies that Bizverse World has successfully integrated into the digital transformation process for businesses in the global market. Since then, Meta has been fully committed to collaborating with Bizverse in the "IMDA & Meta Start-up Accelerator" program to disseminate Vietnamese wisdom around the globe." said Mr. Trinh Cong Duy – Founder of Bizverse.

Metaverse, together with Blockchain, is designed to influence the direction of future technologies. Many businesses are applying this innovative tech to effectively accelerate their business. Notably, after Facebook rebranded its name as Meta and announced its intentions to build the global decentralized metaverse, Metaverse has shown a strong boom in the world.

No doubt about the popularity of Metaverse, that is the future of the Internet and it is just getting started. Many of the new standards and methodologies differ from the Internet as it currently exists, it is required collaboration among many large enterprises in the world to derive and popularize the perfect standards of the Metaverse world.  Hence Meta would like to work with the most potential projects having the same goal toward catching up with the Metaverse technology trend, and Bizverse is one typical example.

Meta will play a significant role in Bizverse’s expansion plans in terms of the Metaverse, and it will undoubtedly provide new benefits to the Bizverse community.

Strategic partnership with Meta

Strategic partnerships will have a mutual promise of working for the betterment of each other. In particular, a genuine effort given by the set of workshops is made to help members overcome existing challenges, and then be pioneers in the specific field.

In this partnership collaboration, Meta will expand numerous aspects to support Bizverse, such as being a Backer of new technology, connecting the Bizverse team to industry and government leaders, including Meta & Singapore’s IMDA/PDPC. Besides that, Bizverse will also have a chance to utilize the world’s most modern toolkits developed at the IMDA’s PIXEL Innovation Space in Singapore, and be supported by media and investment funds. Furthermore, Meta will not only foster participation with a thriving community of metaverse companies, including Meta but also provide a fantastic opportunity to contribute shared knowledge of personal data use in the metaverse.

Both Bizverse and Meta express their belief that for the upcoming time, the strategic partnership will be implemented comprehensively and effectively, helping the worldwide Metaverse initiative flourish.

About Bizverse

BIZVERSE is a Metaverse and Digital Twin world, aiming toward a contactless economy, a project defined by the concept of Meta Economy – a combination between the Metaverse and Business worlds, to build a virtual reality environment, a real metaverse for business activities.






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