Bilibili Awards Top 100 Content Creators of 2021

New selection criteria bring diversity to the awards; pan-knowledge content creators surge on Bilibili

SHANGHAI, Jan. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bilibili hosted the "BILIBILI POWER UP 2021" Top 100 Content Creators Award Ceremony virtually on Jan 21, 2022, to celebrate and award the outstanding achievements of leading content creators in various categories.

Bilibili introduced the new criteria for the awards selection this year: professionality, influence, and innovation. Awarded Uploaders exemplify these dimensions in many ways. Some Uploaders, who are experts in their professional realms, actively share their knowledge through videos. Graphic designer oooooohmygosh explains complicated designing theories through vivid animation. Some Uploaders’ videos went viral on the Chinese internet in 2021 and made a positive social impact. For example, Uploader Cai Qian made replicas of the golden mask and rod found at the Sanxingdui Ruins, inspiring many Chinese young people to learn about the archaeological discovery.

As Bilibili users have shown growing interest in pan-knowledge content over the past year, more Uploaders who create knowledge-related content joined the Top 100 list. Marine geologist and member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Pinxian, became a Bilibili Uploader in June 2021, attracting over 1.35 million followers in just half a year. Battles on Sand Tables uses a 3D sand table to recreate the progression of iconic historical battles. Erersuansuan, a Peking University student, amassed over 1.4 million followers by using cute, animated videos to share tips on how to improve learning efficiency. As of 2021, pan-knowledge content views accounted for 45% of total Bilibili video views. 190 million users are watching pan-knowledge videos on Bilibili, 5 times the number of current university students in China.

Uploader Cai Qian at the BILIBILI POWER UP 2021 ceremony
Uploader Cai Qian at the BILIBILI POWER UP 2021 ceremony

More international Uploaders have also joined the Top 100 list, as their talent and expertise keep winning the hearts of Bilibili users. South Korean a cappella group MayTree joined Bilibili in April 2021, and now has over 2 million followers. Their video imitating the sound effects of the game Plants vs. Zombies using just their voices has received nearly 16 million views on Bilibili. American animator Alan Becker joined Bilibili in 2020 and now has over 1 million followers. His videos are especially attractive to the passionate anime lovers on the platform. German fitness creator Pamela Reif has made the list for two consecutive years. "I am grateful that I took the step to create and post videos for my Chinese fitness community," said Reif in her video speech after winning the award.

Three V-UPs (virtual live streamers) including Lingyuan yousa and hanser from Bilibili’s virtual live streamers project VirtuaReal, and Jia Ran from Chinese virtual idol group ASOUL all made the 2021 list. V-UP is the fastest growing category of Bilibili’s livestreaming business. From June 2020 to June 2021, more than 32,000 V-UPs joined Bilibili, a year-over-year (YOY) increase of 40%. 560 million bullet chats were sent during the livestreams of V-UPs, a YOY increase of 100%. Videos uploaded by V-UPs reached 1.89 million and increased 50% YOY, and these videos received 8.3 billion views, a 70% YOY increase.

Bilibili continues to provide incentives and commercial opportunities to encourage its Uploaders to make more high-quality videos. As of Q3 2021, over 480,000 Uploaders have benefited from the Creator Incentive Plan. In August 2020, Bilibili launched the Sparkle platform, which connects brands and agencies with content creators. The platform saw the number of new Uploaders increase 770% YOY, and the number of new brands increase 20-fold only one year after its launch. 75% of brands chose to work with Bilibili Uploaders more than once.

According to its 2021 Q3 financial report, Bilibili has 2.7 million monthly active Uploaders, a YOY increase of 61%. Average monthly video submissions hit a milestone of 10 million and increased 80% YOY. Uploaders with over 10,000 followers increased 42% YOY.

This year marks the fourth year for Bilibili to hold the Top 100 Content Creators Award Ceremony. Being an "Uploader" is a new occupation that is widely recognized by today’s society.


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