AWE Shanghai 2021: Haier Smart Home Showcases its 525mm in Diameter Big Drum I-Pro Range Washing Machines

SHANGHAI, March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Haier Smart Home ("Haier", Shanghai: 600690), the world’s leading home appliance brand and smart home ecosystem builder, showcased its new I-Pro range of washing machines and BlingBling clothes washer at AWE Shanghai 2021. Boasting an impressive 525mm diameter drum within a standard size, the I-Pro offers intelligent hygienic washing functions such as I-Refresh, steam, ABT, among others.

AWE Shanghai 2021: Haier Smart Home Showcases its 525mm in Diameter Big Drum I-Pro Range Washing Machines.
AWE Shanghai 2021: Haier Smart Home Showcases its 525mm in Diameter Big Drum I-Pro Range Washing Machines.

I-Pro range has already won numerous awards, including 2020 Best Washing Machine for the 10kg and 12kg capacity models, from the British publication, Real Homes, a Best Buy review from British consumer magazine Which?, and Most Beloved Washing Machine for the 525mm drum model from Vietnam’s biggest web portal VnExpress. 

The most distinctive and impressive feature is the slim body. Due to 525mm diameter drum, it owns the most compact body in the industry. Under conditions of the same capacity, the I-Pro has a much more compact body than a traditional washing machine. And under conditions of same size, it offers more capacity.

This is made possible thanks to Haier’s AI-empowered Dynamic Balance Technology (AI DBT), which deploys pioneering algorithms to ensure that the washing machine runs safely even during high-speed operations. With the increase in diameter, the inner drum, which spurts water in, is able to propel the laundry to greater distances, churning them around with powerful impact that results in more thorough cleaning. The extended diameter also ensures that clothes move around stretched out, preventing excessive folding.

The I-Pro is also equipped with I-Refresh function, which targets items that are not necessarily dirty but wrinkled and malodorous. This is ideal for consumers who seek to eliminate only germs and bacteria from their clothing, or lightly clean delicate, high-end clothing. I-Refresh enables this by blowing moderately hot air on clothes, which transforms into water vapor once they fall into the inner drum. As the vapor penetrates the fibers, it helps stretch and flatten the laundry, resulting in soft and refreshed clothing.

In light of the modern consumer’s health needs, Haier has integrated a series of features to ensure peace of mind. One is steam, whereby the contents of the water cylinder is heated to high temperatures to generate steam, which then disinfects and sterilizes. Another is its Anti-Bacterial Treatment technology (ABT), which ensures the washing machine’s components and window are made using anti-bacterial materials. Meanwhile, its dual-spray configuration integrates two spray nozzles at the upper end of the window mat, which not only washes off dirt and foam but provides a comprehensive clean, preventing bacterial growth.

At AWE, Haier also presents the BlingBling washing machine, which is able to detect different clothing materials and intelligently control the amount of detergent and volume and temperature of water, providing a consistently effective laundry result.

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