AVerMedia’s PW315 Full HD Webcam Now Certified for Zoom

The PW315 and Zoom make for a simple yet powerful hybrid work solution

TAIPEI, July 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AVerMedia – a leader in audiovisual technology, is pleased to announce that the PW315 full HD webcam has been granted Zoom certification. Combined with Zoom the PW315 makes professional-grade video conferencing available to nearly anyone, creating the perfect solution for the hybrid workplace.

AVerMedia’s PW315 Full HD Webcam Now Certified for Zoom
AVerMedia’s PW315 Full HD Webcam Now Certified for Zoom

The PW315 is a 1080p 60 fps webcam with a 95-degree field of view perfect for both one-on-one and huddle room conferencing. Its high frame rate ensures blur-free video, so collaboration will be lifelike whether from home or the office. When used with AVerMedia’s free CamEngine software, the PW315 supports advanced features that make conferences more dynamic and easy, such as ePTZ (digital Pan Tilt Zoom) with 2x high-definition zoom and speaker tracking. All these features can be seamlessly accessed from within Zoom.

"By matching our deep experience in the audiovisual field with Zoom’s innovative platform, we have created a versatile solution perfect for hybrid work," said Michael Kuo, AVerMedia’s President and CEO. "Right when a return to the office is beginning, we have a solution that perfectly meets the needs of all kinds of workplaces."

Zoom certification involves extensive testing for quality and compatibility with Zoom’s platform. With the PW315 surpassing this high bar, users can be certain that it will work seamlessly with Zoom and reliably provide excellent video and audio quality. Previously AVerMedia’s PW513 was the first 4K webcam to receive Zoom certification for personal workspaces.

AVerMedia is leveraging its audiovisual industry leadership to continue to create new collaboration solutions that combine powerful, versatile features with user-friendly design. In addition to the PW315 and PW513, recent releases include the PW310P Autofocus Webcam and the AS311 USB Speakerphone, which features AI-powered noise reduction that prevents loud noises such as dogs barking from disrupting meetings. The AS311 can be paired with the PW315 to create a simple yet powerful audiovisual solution for both huddle rooms and individual video conferencing.

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.

Established in Taiwan in 1990, AVerMedia is a leader in Digital Video and Audio Convergence Technology. The company provides cutting-edge, high-quality audio and video peripherals, professional capturing and streaming solutions, and more. The company is highly involved in the community and social responsibilities, and it partners with ODMs for the development of AVerMedia’s technologies for integrated applications.



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