AT32F425 Series MCUs Pass USB 2.0 Compliance Program Testing

HSINCHU, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to Allion test results, ARTERY Technology AT32F425 series MCUs passed USB2.0 Tests for Embedded Host and for Peripheral and obtained ALLION USB 2.0 compliance program certification.


The AT32F425 passed testing items defined in the embedded host such as 2.0 Electrical, CH6, CH7, etc. At the same time, the device passed peripheral testing including Interop, USB30 CV, USB20 CV, 2.0 Electrical, etc.

Allion lab, founded in 1991, has accumulated over 30 years of testing experience since then. As an ISO/IEC17025-certified test lab, Allion is authorized by more than 30 International Standards Associations, and has the ability to offer professional services in research, design, quality and production, including standard certification and compliance testing, product ecosystem scenario testing, test fixture design and IIoT solutions. By passing Allion compliance testing, ARTERY AT32F425 series MCUs further demonstrate its powerful performance and high quality.

About AT32F425 Series MCU

AT32F425 is based on ARM-Cortex-M4 core operating at a frequency of up to 96 MHz. The device embeds up to 64 KB Flash memory and 20 KB SRAM. Featuring outstanding performance, high integration, rich peripherals and security library protection (sLib), the AT32F425 is particularly suited for the applications that require high-speed computation and USB functions such as gaming, industrial automation, motor control, IoT and consumer electronics.

The AT32F425 series is designed to reduce development costs. In addition, thanks to its robust performance and rich peripheral resources, this device offers a cost-effective, entry-level alternative to AT32F415 USB OTG MCUs.


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