ASUS and Medical Professionals Showcase Five Smart Healthcare Achievements

SINGAPORE, Nov. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ASUS Intelligent Cloud Services (AICS) today introduced five smart medical solutions during its AICS Medical Open House. The xHIS platform, the Lumos EMR search platform, the Drug Safety Service, the Miraico smart medical coding assistant and the Personal Healthcare App have the potential to make a transformative impact in the healthcare industry.

The event was graced by Dr. Jeng Wei, president of Cheng Hsin General Hospital, Dr. You-Chen Chao, superintendent of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, Dr. Ching-Hsiung Lin, vice superintendent of Changhua Christian Hospital, and Dr. Chih-Jen Tseng and Dr. Cheng-Chung Wei, vice superintendents of Chung Shan Medical University Hospital.

AICS has a long-standing commitment to involving industry leaders, academia and research in its medical development. This year, AICS presented 10 publications at international academic conferences and implemented its technologies in 19 medical centers and hospitals across Taiwan. AICS has also partnered with US-based AI unicorn start-up Olive to introduce smart medical coding across 755 American hospitals.

"In the future, we will extend the reach of our innovative AI applications on xHIS, Lumos and Personal Healthcare platforms and collaborate with our global healthcare partners to create Blue Ocean opportunities." said Dr. Tai-Yi Huang, ASUS Corporate Vice President and head of AICS.

xHIS platform at Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital

"The challenges of smart healthcare and digital transformation are even more pressing under the impact of the epidemic," noted by Dr. You-Chen Chao, superintendent of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital. "The Healthcare Information System co-developed with ASUS has opened up opportunities for transformation." 

The brand-new structure and microservices enhance clinical efficiency and patient experience. They further integrate AI services and optimize the quality of the CM (medical record writing) and PCS (auto) coding, Smart Doctor’s Order Issuing and claims process, smart SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan), ICD (International Classification of Diseases) and CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) services.

The Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital has successfully implemented the mobile patient room rounding service and sepsis prediction system. When used alongside the clinical decision support system, they have enabled the hospital to optimize multidisciplinary collaboration and communication between doctors and patients, as well as improve the quality of healthcare.

Lumos EMR search platform at Chung Shan Medical University Hospital

"Clinical research is the cradle for promoting medical innovation and nurturing biomedical talent," said Dr. Cheng-Chung Wei of Chung Shan Medical University Hospital. "ASUS Lumos EMR (Electronic Medical Record) search platform is crucial to our medical research team and our university students. It analyzes medical records and examination reports, and instantaneously provides real-world data such as variation trends and disease factors to assist research and clinical treatment." 

The hospital also leveraged ASUS Oncor (Oncology Care Management Platform) to assist auto-fill of cancer and chronic disease patient cases, significantly reducing the time to search and organize information. This enables the medical team to focus more on clinical care, patient healthcare education, and the development of personalized treatment.

Drug Safety Service at Cheng Hsin General Hospital

"The large amount of medication consumed by the general Taiwanese population has increased the likelihood of adverse drug reactions," noted Dr. Jeng Wei of Cheng Hsin General Hospital. "The hospital therefore collaborated with ASUS to develop an AI-assisted drug safety system that analyses over 10 million medical records."

Before a prescription is issued, the AI of the Drug Safety Service reviews the patient’s family and personal health records, including allergies, medical history, lifestyle habits and information based on previous medical visits, tests and physical examinations. It then recommends a list of medications and tests to be conducted beforehand. It warns if any abnormal dosage of medicine is prescribed. This approach puts patient safety first and reduces human error, disputes and medical waste.

ASUS is also actively deploying AI technology to develop drug management for chronic diseases, medical complications and cancer. It enables more accurate predictions of the efficacy, safety and risk of new drugs entering preclinical settings, along with accelerating clinical trials and precision drug development. 

Personal Healthcare App at Chung Shan Medical University Hospital

In response to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, a rapidly aging society and low birth rates, Chung Shan Medical University Hospital (CSMUH) has been actively promoting disease prevention and health management. The hospital is working with ASUS to develop a 100% structured medical database that integrates AI, mobile and telematics technologies to establish a personal health management platform.

The CSMUH eServices App offers a smart mobile clinic, chronic-care disease management and long-term personalized care.

Dr. Chih-Jen Tseng further explains, "The app connects patients with medical and care institutions to strengthen long-term doctor-patient relationships and shared decision-making (SDM) models. It reduces waste of medical resources, shortens the gap in healthcare services between urban and rural areas, and establishes a holistic health care system." 

Connect with ASUS at Singapore Healthcare AI Expo from November 27 to December 5  

AICS will be presenting at the Singapore Healthcare AI Expo organized by the National University Health System (NUHS), National University of Singapore (NUS), and MIT Critical Data, taking place from November 27 to December 5, 2021. ASUS would like to invite attendees to discover ASUS medical solutions including the Miraico smart medical coding assistant and Lumos EMR search platform. Register at to attend the seminars. For those interested in connecting directly with ASUS at SG Healthcare AI Expo, please contact Lyon Chen at [email protected].

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