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TAIPEI, Nov. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Medical field is a critical market for power supplies  APD introduces customized power supply solutions for medical equipment and network equipment. Its systems meet all EMI, temperature, peak load requirements, and company’s Medical Power Supplies protect the PSU from failure resulting from high-frequency 4G/5G signal interference.

APD Medical Power Supply & Lithium-ion UPS Solutions -- Built for the challenges of today
APD Medical Power Supply & Lithium-ion UPS Solutions — Built for the challenges of today

APD Solutions — Built for the challenges of today

This year’s pandemic challenges the current world economic situation and people’s living conditions. Working from home, online meetings, and distance learning has become the new normal. It not only increases the demand for more connected devices and network equipment, but also requires reliable power delivery.

Impact of COVID-19 on healthcare is immediate. Ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and respiratory humidifiers require a lasting, uninterrupted, and stable power supply.

The pandemic is challenging the existing power systems hospitals have relied on. Many healthcare facilities are already at, or beyond maximum capacity, the higher number of patients means more devices and medical systems on the grid.

The toll goes beyond the hospital. Manufacturers are dealing with labor shortages while medical equipment demand has increased. Many factories are speeding up automation, with a growing need for reliable power systems.

Stable and continuous power is paramount for mission-critical medical systems

Corresponds to the products for top-notch care. APD developed dedicated lithium-ion (Li-ion) UPS products to replace the traditional UPS system using lead-acid batteries, bringing multiple benefits for healthcare applications.

Li-ion battery UPS systems have twice the energy density, double the life span, and are smaller and lighter than lead-acid battery-based systems. They offer a significant reduction in maintenance and replacement costs. In the past few years, the technology’s price has dropped substantially. APD’s lithium-ion UPS products use only premium quality protection components that comply with rigorous standards.

Since 1994, Asian Power Devices (APD), with world-class R&D capabilities, highly competitive products and services, has led the power supply market. Current products include power supplies, UPS, and photovoltaic inverters. 

About APD:

When performance and reliability matter, Asian Power Devices is a reliable partner in developing solutions for the medical field. Backed by many years of experience in the industry and insight into market demands, APD provides the most complete power solutions based on customers’ special requirements, and satisfying the diversity & high safety standards of power devices. In short, when performance matters, choose APD.

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