ARTERY MCU Sales Hits 100 Million Units in Worldwide MCU Market

HSINCHU, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Topics such as Internet of Things (IoT), industrial control, smart home, and automotive remain hot. As the demands of microcontrollers increase across the global, the main concern is now the shortage of production capacity in the semiconductor industry. According to the IC Insights, microcontroller sales are expected to grow 10% to a record high of $21.5 billion this year, while the global 32-bit MCU sales will increase at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 9.4% in the next five years, up to $20 billion by 2026 (IC Insights, 2022). MCU is also referred as "microcomputer", integrating a central processing unit (CPU), Flash memory, random access memory (SRAM), and input/output interfaces (I/O) on a single one IC. The MCU can function as a basic computer on a single chip. Currently, 32-bit microcontroller dominates the MCU market. Most of the 32-bit MCUs are powered by ARM Cortex core, delivering excellent computational capability, particularly suitable for applications that need powerful computation to meet multiple functional requirements, such as wearables, smart home appliances, communication and IoT terminals.


As the core component of IoT applications, MCUs are widely used in consumer electronics, industrial automation, intelligent production, and automotive. Since ARM launched the Cortex®-M series, not only did it accelerate the process of design development, but its low-cost, high performance features also allow MCUs to be applied in an expensive range of areas. Different Cortex®-M series usually focuses on different application requirements. Cortex® M0+ MCUs featuring low power consumption are replacing basic 8/16-bit applications, and are particularly suitable for consumer electronics. Cortex®-M3 MCUs focusing on 16/32 bit applications are becoming the best choice for industrial control and consumer electronics. Besides, 32-bit Cortex®-M4 MCU inherits the advantages of Cortex®-M3, and embeds digital signal processor (DSP) and optional single-precision floating point unit (FPU), delivering more powerful computation and thus becoming the mainstream of microcontroller market.

As the artificial intelligence technology is widely used in the end devices, more and more MCU suppliers, from home and abroad, are doubling their efforts on the development of IoT applications, including NXP, Renesas and STMicroelectronics, as well as Taiwan-based manufacturers such as Nuvoton and Holtek. Among them, ARTERY Technology as a latecomer of MCU market has seen its rapid growth. Founded in 2016, ARTERY Technology introduced its microcontrollers to the market in 2018, and hit 100M units of sales volume in less than 4 years. ARTERY MCUs are mainly based on 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 core and with the advanced 55nm process. Of its 12 production lines, the high-performance AT32F437 released at the end of 2021 has achieved up to 288 MHz operating frequency, 4032KB Flash memory and up to 512KB SRAM, making it an ideal choice for applications that require high computing and large capacity such as industrial automation, motor control and IoT.

Meanwhile, ARTERY MCUs are also outstanding in the consumer electronics market, for example, AT32F415 value line got the recognition and favor from Amazon. This microcontroller implements Amazon Connect Kit (ACK) on Amazon Alexa voice assistant devices, and adds voice-control and dimming control features to traditional wall switches through a simple Wi-Fi settings, making it easy to control wall switches for users. Besides, ARTERY AT32F425 operates at a frequency up to 96Hz, with up to 64KB Flash memory and 20KB SRAM and provides USB 2.0 full-speed OTG interface to support Host, Device and OTG transfer modes. This microcontroller offers various package types for customers to select. It can meet the requirements from many applications such as gaming market, industrial control, motor control, OBD and 5G.

ARTERY is about to release a wireless Bluetooth MCU – AT32WB415. The device is based on ARM®Cortex®-M4 core, and low power Bluetooth 5.0 Technology, and integrates high-performance wireless communication ICs. It will bring more excellent solutions for various applications such as IoT, wearables, consumer electronics and smart homes. The AT32WB415 samples are expected to be available in May 2022. ARTERY is getting into IoT application market with its powerful and solid technology. This year, ARTERY will continue to lead the industry in developing various high-performance and cost-effective products, and its next stage of market expansion is worth anticipating.


Artery Technology is a professional creator and maker of 32-bit MCU founded in 2016. Since its establishment, ARTERY has been devoted to the innovation-driven development of 32-bit microcontrollers across the globe. With best-in-class technology, complete silicon IPs and excellent integration features, ARTERY has created up to 288 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 MCU. As the Internet of Things and smart manufacturing become more and more popular, and the demand for high-performance MCUs from end application market is growing. ARTERY will continue to focus on the research and development of more powerful and more efficient MCU that can cover diverse aspects of modern applications ranging from 5G, Internet of Things, consumer, business and industrial control. 


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