Apigate is Now Boost Connect

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Apigate, a global digital monetization and customer growth platform ecosystem provider is now rebranded as Boost Connect.

Axiata’s fintech arm Boost Holdings Sdn Bhd (BHSB), a homegrown digital brand established in 2017 was rebranded as Boost in August 2021. The rebranding from Apigate to Boost Connect is in line with the parent company’s exercise of bringing together all fintech services under one roof.

This includes payment services, content aggregation services, storefronts, microloans, bundling, wallets, buy now pay later (BNPL), digital insurance, invoice financing and merchant solutions; further extending comprehensive reach for both consumers and businesses in the region.

Boost Connect (formerly Apigate) has enabled over 100 digital partners and (globally recognized entertainment & gaming OTTs, app stores and others) provides them with access to over 1 billion consumers through mobile operators, e-wallet providers, e-marketplaces and many more. Boost Connect offers a seamless and frictionless user experience supported by stable and secure platforms with a swift Go to Market for a multi-country rollout.

Sheyantha Abeykoon, CEO of Boost
Sheyantha Abeykoon, CEO of Boost

Sheyantha Abeykoon, CEO of Boost said, "Unifying all our fintech services under one brand is a step towards building an inclusive fintech ecosystem across the region. This will enable us to connect with and better serve more customers via a single platform. We look forward to this rebranding journey where Boost Connect, together with our other businesses, will bring us closer to becoming a full spectrum fintech player.

Raja Mansukhani, CEO of Boost Connect
Raja Mansukhani, CEO of Boost Connect

Raja Mansukhani, CEO of Boost Connect said, "As part of our business strategy, we have taken the bold step of giving our brand elements a refreshed, more vibrant look to accurately describe who we are as an organization, and be in line with the overall rebranding exercise of Boost Holdings Sdn Bhd.  We are very excited about our expanded product portfolio with the addition of other fintech services which can be enabled via our global platform ecosystem. We have always been at the forefront of innovative solutions, and the new brand is a reflection of this."

About Boost

Boost is the fintech arm of Axiata that unifies financial services spanning payments, artificial intelligence (AI)-based alternative lending, digital insurance, cross border content services and merchant solutions. Its businesses are streamlined into four core brands to serve a regional consumer and enterprise customer base with the aim of establishing a Malaysia-headquartered regional financial services powerhouse:

Boost Connect

Formerly Apigate, Boost Connect is a global digital monetization and customer growth payment platform ecosystem provider with innovative products and services.

Boost Life

The Boost eWallet business that launched in 2017, it focuses on consumer lifestyle offerings such as online and offline retail payments, bill settlement, insurance and transportation & transit use cases with new features constantly introduced.

Boost Biz

The merchant business that offers a payment platform for enterprises of all sizes, business tools and digitalisation solutions.

Boost Credit

Formerly Aspirasi, it houses the micro-financing & micro-insurance business and is a pioneering Digital Alternative financier in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Visit https://connect.myboost.co for more details or follow us on Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company /boostconnect/


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