AORUS ELITE is the best go-to motherboard for upgrade

TAIPEI, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GIGABYTE 600 series motherboards have made their mark since the launch last October. Led by the flagship Z690 AORUS XTREME, a total of three high-end gaming motherboards won the iF Design Award recognition, followed by two Z690 AERO creator motherboards receiving the Red Dot Design Award honor. The GIGABYTE 600 series, from the enthusiast-grade models to budget-oriented options, have also been highly praised with over a hundred media recommendations worldwide. With the graphics cards being restocked on the market, many are eager to get their hands on a new PC build. Mainstream motherboards, such as the AORUS ELITE series, have now become the go-to choice for those looking for PC upgrades.

AORUS ELITE is the best go-to motherboard for upgrade
AORUS ELITE is the best go-to motherboard for upgrade

It is found that most gamers value high and stable frame rates, but a motherboard that falls short on both power delivery and thermal design would result in either throttling or overheating, thus hindering the overall system performance. The AORUS ELITE motherboards feature the best-in-class 14-phase power design, as well as the best-in-class full-metal heatsink. Even the B660M AORUS ELITE, the entry-level model in the family, is capable of passing the stress test when paired with the most powerful Core i9-12900K processor without either throttling or overheating. As for gamers who are interested in overclocking with no experience, the more advanced Z690M AORUS ELITE can easily drive the Core i9-12900K processor up to over 5Ghz with the built-in one-click overclocking function. The Z690M AORUS ELITE also supports the best-in-class DDR4 overclocking compatibility with up to XMP 5333MH, enabling gamers to use their existing DDR4 DIMMs and maximize their performance at the same time.

The upcoming DisplayPort 2.0 will push the refresh rate at 4K resolution even further up to 240Hz, making it the next-gen standard for gaming. The B660M AORUS ELITE with a Core-i9 processor and an RTX 3060 Ti graphics card can top 240fps at FHD resolution when running Fortnite based on the internal tests. The Z690 AORUS ELITE with a Core-i9 processor and an RTX 3070 Ti can even reach 240fps at QHD resolution with ease. The AORUS ELITE motherboards not only deliver instant performance boost but also provide expandability for future upgrades. 

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