Anycubic Showcases Its Leading Practical Additive Manufacturing Solutions at Formnext 2021

FRANKFURT, Germany, Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Anycubic, a leading globally-recognized 3D printer brand, has been keeping busy displaying its latest innovations and 3D printing solutions at Formnext 2021 (Booth: 12.1, F131), the leading industry platform for additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing, which runs from November 16 to 19 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The highlights of the exhibition are the Anycubic Photon Mono X 6K andAnycubic Photon Mono 4K. These two 3D printers are from Anycubic’s recently released Photon Mono series. The Photon Mono X 6K, an upgraded version of the Mono X, is positioned as the first 9-inch 6K desktop model owing to its extremely large size, high precision and super-fast print speed. This printer is an exceptionally solid choice for those pursuing the ultimate high-quality 3D printing experience. The Mono 4K is a comparatively entry-level model on the resin 3D printer market. It represents a marked improvement in its print area, exposure screen size and print precision compared to the first generation Anycubic Photon. All these upgrades are based on what customers are most looking for in a 3D printer.

Meanwhile, the Anycubic Photon Ultra is Anycubic’s crowdfunding product for this year, proving to be popular among customers as seen by its great fundraising success with HK$18 million raised in just one month. The main feature of this printer is its switch from LCD to Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology, which brings a slew of benefits including, low to zero maintenance, extremely high-resolution prints, and significantly lower power consumption.

Additionally, the Vyper is Anycubic’s first fully auto-leveling Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) machine. This printer has been labeled as an easy-to-use machine by many users and media. With its fast, reliable auto-leveling function and high precision technology, users can achieve good prints without the need for any additional adjustments after the initial setup.

These 3D printing solutions are widely accepted by customers and have been applied to fields such as education, industrial design, jewelry-making, medical care, animation, garage kits, among others. The technology significantly reduces production time and saves costs from the demands of expensive modeling in manufacturing. At Formnext, the international meeting point for the next generation of intelligent industrial production, Anycubic is holding ongoing discussions on the advantages of 3D printing, how 3D printing technology can improve traditional manufacturing processes, as well as technological innovations and revolutionary production methods of the 3D printing industry. Moving forward, Anycubic will continue to launch more practical and bleeding-edge 3D printers that will empower this technology to enter even more industries.

"Anycubic has been continuously devoted to 3D printer R&D, manufacturing, and trading since the dawn of our establishment. Our LCD/DLP/FDM printers provide numerous additive manufacturing solutions for various industries. By attending this exhibition, Anycubic is taking full advantage of the great opportunity to exchange knowledge with industry professionals, learn cutting-edge industry insights and listen to the voices of our clients. It is our hope that we can further contribute to the growth of the industry through our ongoing efforts," said James Ouyang, Vice President of Anycubic.

About Anycubic

Anycubic is a leading company in the 3D printing industry which specializes in 3D printer R&D, manufacturing and sales, providing many affordable, high-performance and smart printers for different kinds of customers, consumers, hobbyists, schools and product designers. Since its establishment in 2015, we have been committed to propelling 3D printing technology to enable people from all walks of life to unleash their imagination and turn creativity into reality.

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