Announcing the General Availability of the Next-Gen Decision Management and Automation Platform – FlexRule X

MELBOURNE, Australia, Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, FlexRule announces the general availability of FlexRule X – the full-scale platform for end-to-end decision management and automation. FlexRule X is designed to deliver the perfect combination of rule-based decisioning, process automation, data & analytics, and decision robotics to empower organizations to improve the quality and speed of their key business decisions. FlexRule X empowers organizations’ leaders – business, technology, and operation leaders to make quality decisions, fast!

End-to-End Decision Management and Automation
End-to-End Decision Management and Automation

FlexRule provided early access to the platform last year to the organizations and end-users who signed up. As a result, the platform garnered outstanding responses from the users with unique insights and reviews.

Forrester Wave™: Digital Decisioning Platforms, Q4 2020
"FlexRule has strengths in decision intelligence and collaboration. It stands out for its all-in-one decision and automation tools to quickly build applications."

FlexRule X unifies and orchestrates all decision-making technologies such as machine learning, business rules, workflow, robotics, etc., into its platform. It brings together multiple decision-making techniques to create the business decision outcome using its decision graph. 

FlexRule X – the Next-Gen Decision Management and Automation Platform helps organizations to:

  • Accelerate the adaption to changing regulatory, market, and business requirements.
  • Scale the decision management practice and automation across the enterprise by empowering everyone to collaborate using an intuitive, easy-to-use low-code platform.
  • Capture and systematically frame business decisions at the enterprise to ensure all stakeholders’ understanding of decisions are the same – irrespective of the technology. 
  • Automate business decisions by combining multiple decision-making technologies in an integrated manner to ensure transparency, explainability, and quality of business decisions.
  • Integrate the outcome of business decisions back into organizations’ processes, systems, and applications to ensure the business operation is reliable and its quality is guaranteed.
  • Establish the single source of truth in organizations. It builds the reference points of why and how a decision is made. It ensures every decision is transparent and the outcomes are consistent.
  • Ensure the data science team works on the business decisions that are clearly understood by all stakeholders and improve one or more business levers. Furthermore, the results of the data science projects are seamlessly integrated back to organizations.

FlexRule X democratizes decision management and automation while ensuring the use of the right AI technology for the right business decisions. All leaders: business, operation, and technology leaders, by leveraging FlexRule X, improve the speed and quality of key business decisions influenced by infinite and frequent changes in regulated environments. As a result, organizations can adapt, innovate, and go-to-market faster, effectively, and efficiently.

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About FlexRule
FlexRule provides a powerful, low-code, unified platform— FlexRule™ Advanced Decision Management Suite—that is architected for the organizations to make optimized, customer-centric, and situation-aware decisions—enabling organizations to automate end-to-end business decisions across business rules, processes, data, analytics, and robotics. With customers ranging from start-ups to large enterprises to government agencies, FlexRule has delivered game-changing business results across many industries such as Finance, Lending, Banking, Accounting Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Energy, and Supply Chain & Logistics.

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