Angry Miao Launches Futuristic 36ms Ultra-Low Latency CYBERBLADE Wireless Earbuds to Meet Your Gaming and Music Needs

ZHUHAI, China, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On September 1, 2022 community-driven technology brand Angry Miao is ready to shake up the audio industry with the release of their highly anticipated wireless CYBERBLADE earbuds on Kickstarter.


CYBERBLADE earbuds deliver 36ms ultra-low latency audio while ensuring a high-quality sound quality experience thanks to Angry Miao’s revolutionary three-chip design.

These high-tech wireless earbuds retail for US$328, but Kickstarter customers can snag them for US$279 during the first 24 hours after launch and then for US$299 for the remainder of Angry Miao’s Kickstarter campaign.

"Angry Miao CYBERBLADE is a radical product in a market otherwise plagued by uninteresting designs and lack of innovation, setting the tone for what role true wireless earbuds will play in the future." said Li Nan, CEO and founder of Angry Miao. "The Sci-Fi inspired design not only makes it stand out from the crowd, but it also embodies the advanced, tech-forward technology found inside. With the device’s third chip located in its charging case, high-quality sound at low latency is no longer just a dream."

Sci-Fi Inspired Design

CYBERBLADE takes their inspiration from next-generation console Sci-Fi games and includes a distinct triangular design unique to Angry Miao.

The full CYBERBLADE experience also comes with customizable RGB lighting strips on the earbuds, charging case, and dock as an added design perk to suit the distinct tastes of each user.

Through the dedicated Angry Miao app, users can create their own personalized RGB lighting presets, as well as manage other functionality.

With all these unique design features, CYBERBLADE truly stands out from traditional earbuds on the market that offer little in the way of design to distinguish them from each other. It proves that earbuds don’t need to be in the usual white color or have the usual boring shape.

CYBERBLADE customers can choose between three colors. The Shell Black earbuds feature  an anodized aluminum alloy charging case that is accented through a specialized knurling process, improving its look and feel.

The Ghost White CYBERBLADE charging case is more gentle to the touch, in line with its lighter color scheme.

With its custom red lighting that flickers in the dark, The Dark Side is ready to wake the darkest in yours.

Revolutionary Triple-SoC

CYBERBLADE’s distinct "third chip" solution brings the power of the audio industry’s most advanced algorithms to wireless earbuds. Incorporated into the charging case, this third chip tackles one of the largest challenges currently found in true wireless earbuds: the balance between computing power and battery consumption.

CYBERBLADE provides an innovative solution by including an additional computational audio chip in the charging case, which fully liberates computational power from the constraints set by the limited battery power of wireless earbuds.

This added technology means CYBERBLADE wireless earbuds can offer Angry Miao Advanced Sound Enhancement (ASE) suite effects such as HRTF virtual 7.1, studio-level EQ and AGC, Hybrid ANC, Dual-Mic AI ENC, and transparency mode. Combined, they create CYBERBLADE’s key feature – low latency – without sacrificing sound quality.

36ms Ultra Low Latency with Refined Sound

As expected from wireless earbuds, CYBERBLADE earbuds support the Bluetooth 5.2 protocol. When the charging case or dock is connected via USB to a digital audio output device such as PS4, PS5, PC, Mac, Switch or iPad, audio transmission will be performed through an efficient proprietary transmission protocol optimized by Angry Miao. Through this protocol, users can take advantage of low latency without experiencing a sacrifice in sound quality.

In other words, CYBERBLADE can be regarded as the TWS version of over-ear headsets with independent DSP and 2.4G transmission protocol, but the advantages of CYBERBLADE do not stop there.

Audio Boosters

CYBERBLADE earbuds are fully compatible with user needs in every audio scenario. With the third chip in the charging case and the powerful HRTF spatial audio algorithm, CYBERBLADE brings three audio enhancing modes in the form of Boosters, namely Gaming, Movie and Music. All that is needed to take advantage of these Boosters is a wired connection between the charging case or dock and an audio output device.

Turn on the Gaming Booster option to enhance your spatial awareness of footsteps and gunshots at 36ms ultra-low latency.

Switch to Movie Booster for Virtual 7.1 sound with improved spatial layering to enjoy a more immersive experience while watching movies or playing AAA games with iconic sound effects.

Music Booster brings studio-level EQ, DRC and AGC algorithms for an outstanding listening experience fine-tuned by industry experts.

In addition to the currently available Boosters Angry Miao is working together with Hip-Hop artist Rich Brian to create a specialized Hip-Hop Booster – opening the doors for more musicians and engineers to join Angry Miao in developing more enhanced algorithms. 

With CYBERBLADE’s strong computational power, these wireless earbuds are able to meet the personalized needs of each and every Angry Miao customer.

TWS Fundamentals As You Expect It

With all the attention paid to their futuristic design, don’t worry – Angry Miao didn’t forget about the basics like comfort, noise cancellation, and battery life.

One CYBERBLADE earbud weighs just 6.5g, and IPX4 water resistance is there for when you need it, which makes them light, convenient, and durable.

The earbuds’ liquid silicone and Rohacell driver diaphragm vastly improve their vibration properties while also allowing for a strong bass, stable mids and ultra-transparent highs thanks to their light and rigid structure.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is supported by CYBERBLADE, with six microphones with a high signal-to-noise ratio that is built-in and ready to filter out over 35dB of noise. Advanced algorithms allow for more applicable scenarios, and in-call noise-canceling is also supported by Dual-Mic AI ENC technology. Transparency Mode is available for when you need to hear what’s happening around you.

CYBERBLADE also offers a unique external knob that can be used to easily adjust the volume or switch the microphone on/off with a single click. Picking up calls while gaming is a breeze with CYBERBLADE – just switch to Bluetooth and start a voice call on your phone with a quick double click.

CYBERBLADE wireless earbuds go on sale September 1st, 2022, at 8am PDT via Kickstarter. Angry Miao believes CYBERBLADE is ready to shake up the true wireless stereo market, and redefine how wireless earbuds are used while listening to music, watching movies or gaming.

About Angry Miao

Established in 2019, Angry Miao is committed to bringing future technology to consumers through close community interaction, while at the same time providing advanced futuristic product designs. This, towards building the so-called: Future Art Community.

Products include TWS and revolutionary wireless desktop products, as well as IP-centric products, in order to enhance the emotional brand connection.

Through Community Driven and the D2C sales model, while combining the latest tech with subcultural trends, Angry Miao is devoted to creating a high-end and trendy technology brand widely recognized by global consumers.

CYBERBLADE_3 color options
CYBERBLADE_3 color options

Rich Brian x CYBERBLADE co-creation
Rich Brian x CYBERBLADE co-creation


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