Angry Miao launches CYBERMAT R2 with AM HATSU and magnetic support

ZHUHAI, China, Nov. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On November 18, 2021, Angry Miao ( officially launched its latest wireless charging mat, CYBERMAT R2 – inspired by cyberpunk culture. As with the previous generation of CYBERMAT, up to 6 devices can be charged simultaneously. Magnetic charging is now included and CYBERMAT R2 also fully incorporates AM HATSU wireless split ergonomic keyboard support. The official retail price is 380 USD.

CYBERMAT R2 – inspired by cyberpunk culture.
CYBERMAT R2 – inspired by cyberpunk culture.

"With CYBERMAT and its multi-device wireless charging capabilities, we’re striving towards making a desktop free of charging cables a reality." said Li Nan, founder of Angry Miao. "But that’s easier said than done. We allocated a significant amount of R&D resources to bring this concept to fruition. Luckily, our efforts paid off and CYBERMAT R1 was well-received by our fans with overwhelmingly positive feedback. R2 further builds upon R1’s success with an improved charging coil layout and support for the upcoming AM HATSU, making  an even more efficient charging experience."

Inspired by Westworld

Inspired by Westworld, the outline in the central area of CYBERMAT R2 depicts the silhouette of AM HATSU, like the drawing of a bionic human. The magnetic areas on both sides pay tribute to the iconic Maze featured in the series. When used in conjunction with AM HATSU, you can truly feel the future.

Based on R1’s classic style, the one-piece aluminium design once again incorporates the sharp, familiar contours inspired by Cybertruck. Its sandblasted anodizing process makes it extremely smooth to the touch.

State-of-the-art wireless desktop

In line with the previous generation, CYBERMAT R2 supports charging of up to 6 devices simultaneously. For R2, the coils have been optimized and redistributed. Three-zone charging originally found on R1 has been expanded to four-zone charging, which is composed of a dual five-coil setup in the central area, and magnetic coils placed on both sides. This is more in line with real-world desktop usage, and also improves the utilization of space.

CYBERMAT R2 supports wireless charging of the full range of Angry Miao products, including AM HATSU and CYBERBOARD. Both sides of the mat support 5W single device magnetic charging. The dual five-coil zones in the middle support single or dual device charging with a maximum charging power of 7.5W and 11W respectively.

To ensure strong and continuous power delivery, the CYBERMAT R2 ships with the powerful CYBERCHARGE 90W GaN charger.

Safety Features Worry-free safety

CYBERMAT R2 features five security measures (overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overheating protection and short circuit protection) as well as FOD (foreign object detection) that intelligently recognizes metal debris obstructing your device. Together with the built-in anti-counterfeiting measures allowing users to verify their device by SN code, users can expect are provided with a worry-free CYBERMAT R2 experience.

Creating a mass-produced product to charge that can be used for charging multiple devices simultaneously is not an easy task. Angry Miao’s CYBERMAT R2 wireless charging mat is as good as it will get before a true all-in-one desk with built-in charging capability arrives. Whether No matter if you are using it for office tasks or for entertainment, CYBERMAT R2 is the perfect solution for your messy wires. an excellent product to get rid of your wire troubles.

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