Andiami Unveiled: Ethereum & Decentral Founder Anthony Di Iorio’s New Global Tech Project to Address Paradox of Centralization in Decentralized Technologies

Andiami’s mission is to empower a user-controlled internet and strengthen decentralized networks through personal plug-and-play blockchain computers, robust node infrastructure, unique products, a new node-sharing protocol, and cohesive token economics delivered through The Quest for Liberty, a physical and virtual global puzzle game.

TORONTO, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ethereum & Decentral Founder Anthony Di Iorio revealed his new project to the world last night at a special free event held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Andiami Unveiled: Ethereum & Decentral Founder Anthony Di Iorio's New Global Tech Project to Address Paradox of Centralization in Decentralized Technologies
Andiami Unveiled: Ethereum & Decentral Founder Anthony Di Iorio’s New Global Tech Project to Address Paradox of Centralization in Decentralized Technologies

"The decentralized movement is at a pivotal point in its evolution. The promise of a user-controlled internet, which some call Web3, is being hindered by ongoing centralization of decentralized node infrastructure and the persistence of Web2 business models," says Di Iorio. "Andiami’s goal is to empower individuals while complementing & assisting technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Cardano, Cosmos, and others to achieve infrastructure decentralization."

Andiami is designed to help enable a user-controlled internet by providing the tools for individuals to do two things simultaneously: 1) be in full control of their digital lives—their money, identity, and communication, and 2) earn rewards for effortlessly contributing network nodes that provide strength and resiliency to decentralized networks.

The flagship hardware device for Andiami is a custom blockchain computer that’s working title is the "Cube." Plug-and-play and similar to gaming consoles, Cubes function as both full nodes and as an individual’s personal digital server. Through custom blockchain infrastructure designed for scalability, interoperability, reliability, and usablity, Cube hardware runs and contains indexed blockchain data that connects individuals directly to decentralized networks, eliminating the need for trusted third-party intermediaries. Currently, infrastructure already developed supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Cardano, Cosmos, Doge, Binance Chain, Litecoin, and others, with more coming in the future.

Andiami will come to life as "The Quest for Liberty," a physical and virtual game that revolves around individual and collaborative puzzle and problem solving. In order to play the Game and participate in the project, players must purchase a physical Player Kit. Each Player Kit includes an Andiami Puzzle Book, Player Card, Signing Card, a USB key, and other items relevant to solving puzzles in the Game.

Each Andiami product is a Non-Fungible Phygital (NFP), a coin termed by Anthony Di Iorio. "Phygital" is the existing concept of using technology to bridge the digital and physical worlds in order to provide unique interactive experiences. Andiami NFPs are physical items that are unique to each individual. Each NFP has an authentication chip baked into its manufacturing process to prove its authenticity and ownership.

As players progress through their Andiami journey, they will unlock Digital Life Tokens by solving puzzles using a new process called "Proof of Puzzle Solve" (PoPS). Digital Life Tokens are core to Andiami and have versatile utility within its ecosystem.

Another core element of Andiami is a new communication protocol for peer-to-peer node-sharing. This protocol will connect Andiami Cubes over the internet, allowing users to distribute blockchain data and broadcast new transactions in a decentralized manner. The protocol will reward Cube owners with Digital Life Tokens for hosting and sharing their node services and blockchain data with others on the network.

Andiami is currently in its whitelist and unveiling phase, and the project is planned to roll out in an additional four phases over the next three years.

  • Whitelist & Unveiling – Q3/Q4 2022
  • Player Kit Sale & Distribution – est. Q1 – Q3 2023
  • Launch of the Game & Unlocking of Digital Life Token – Est. Q4 2023
  • Cube Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution – est. Q4 2023 / Q4 2024
  • Launch of Node-sharing Protocol – est. 2025

Please note the above timeline is very preliminary and subject to change.

Much of the unique hardware and infrastructure for Andiami has been developed and perfected over the last ten years. As the project moves forward, the plan is to open source both hardware and software wherever possible.                                

Community members who wish to stay up-to-date on Andiami should sign up for the no-obligation whitelist at This will ensure they receive communications on how to participate in the project as it unfolds.

"The name Andiami was chosen for many reasons, but most importantly, it represents our intended path to individual empowerment and the fulfilment of a user-controlled internet. It means, "Let’s all go together, " says Di Iorio.

Anthony Di Iorio

In late 2013, Anthony Di Iorio funded & co-founded Ethereum, the decentralized smart contract platform that hit $500 billion in market cap at its peak . Currently, he is the founder and CEO of Decentral Inc., a Toronto-based innovation hub & software development company focused on decentralized technologies.

Decentral Inc. builds tools at the core of the next internet. This includes Jaxx Liberty, a free non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that has empowered millions of people globally with the tools they need to control their digital lives. Decentral latest project is Andiami: The Quest for Liberty.

Media Contact: Jen Wheatley, Decentral Inc., [email protected], +1 (519) 791-5769



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