AnDAPT introduces complete power solution for Xilinx Zynq platform FPGA and SoC devices

AnDAPT supports powering all Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ and Zynq-7000 FPGAs/SoCs including application-defined use cases employing integrated, flexible, and efficient AmP Power management ICs

DUBLIN, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Following up on our previous announcement of power solutions for the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, AnDAPT is also introducing power solutions for all other Zynq products.  AnDAPT, a provider of highly integrated and configurable Power Management IC (PMIC) products (built on its proprietary and disruptive mixed-signal FPGA platform), today launched another series of PMIC solutions for powering Xilinx ZU+ RFSoC and Zynq-7000 FPGA family and Xilinx-defined use cases. This new addition to power management solution portfolio (refer Table 1) now covers the entire Xilinx Zynq family of devices.

AnDAPT power solutions speed up development of power supplies for a variety of industrial and computing applications, including industrial, motor control, Programmable Logic Control, Internet of Things (IoT), medical, networking, and datacenter equipment. These ready-to-use reference designs provide easy and reliable solutions to power entire Xilinx Zynq family FPGAs/SoCs while taking care of all the involved complexity.

"These AnDAPT solutions can be used as-is or further modified with our software design tools to generate a customized PMIC solution. This provides the exact solution they are looking for," said Bill McLean, AnDAPT CEO.  "AnDAPT solutions offer highly efficient systems that allow remarkable reduction in PCB area by allowing integration and flexibility to change power configuration and sequencing, during the design phase or after final assembly," Bill continued.

New addition to AnDAPT power solution for Xilinx Zynq portfolio now covers the entire Xilinx Zynq Platform (PRNewsFoto/AnDAPT)
New addition to AnDAPT power solution for Xilinx Zynq portfolio now covers the entire Xilinx Zynq Platform (PRNewsFoto/AnDAPT)

The Zynq platform devices require greater than 25 power rails among the PS (Processing System) and PL (Programmable Logic) domains. In addition, there are variations in the number and power requirements of each rail depending on the system and application requirements. AnDAPT reference designs meet or exceed Xilinx power performance specifications while achieving a reduction in solution PCB area by merging and reducing the number of devices used. All our power management solution PMICs use the same silicon which can be configured to support the customer’s design requirements. Using one configurable device to support multiple designs at a customer also simplifies inventory management.

AnDAPT plans to release similar power solutions for the Xilinx Kintex, Artix, Virtex, Versal, and Spartan families and other FPGA/SoC vendors in the near future.

AnDAPT WebAmP R.D. (Reference Design) Software Tool

AnDAPT has created an intuitive software tool, WebAmp R.D., to provide ready-to-use PMIC solutions with optimum flexibility. These solutions are based on Xilinx FPGA family device part numbers and use cases that have been defined by Xilinx. Users can utilize these PMIC solutions as-is or modify rail sequencing, revise output voltages, alter maximum current per rail, or disable unused rails if desired. WebAmp R.D.  provides all the necessary design documentation including design files, reference schematics, datasheets, BoM, and layout guides. If additional functionality is desired, such as system rails or glue logic, the generated design files can be used on WebAmP software tool for additional modifications.

AnDAPT Power Management Solutions 

The AmP IC uses a compact 5mm x 5mm package and a high level of integration to provide a best-in-class system power solution. Each PMIC incorporates a single or two phase DrMOS controller (up to 70A), multiple buck converters (10A / 6A), high current LDOs (up to 2A) or load switches (LDSW), 4 general purpose LDOs (200mA) and power management features including fault protection and sequencing.

These PMIC solutions are available on the "Reference Design PMIC" page on the AnDAPT website. The designs make it remarkably simple for the designer to pick and choose a solution and get it up and running within minutes for evaluation. Further, the WebAmP R.D. tool allows designers to scale a solution both up and down quickly depending on the design requirements. In addition, these reference designs can be used in the WebAmP tool for further customization and addition of other systems rail requirements and other systems required integration. This makes the AnDAPT AmP IC solution ideal for Xilinx FPGA applications and other system power requirements.

About AnDAPT

A privately held fabless Power semiconductor company. AnDAPT Holdings Ltd, designs, manufactures and markets On-Demand and Reference Design Power Management solutions. Incorporated in 2014 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the Company is funded by Intel, Cisco, Atlantic Bridge Vanguard and has pioneered a new genre of adaptive analog technology. AnDAPT offers AmP™ Adaptive Multi-Rail Power Platforms, WebAmP™ and WebAmP R.D.TM cloud-based software tools and AmP Power Components targeting applications in Medical, Industrial, Enterprise, Server/Client, Storage, Communications, IoT, Drones and Telematics applications. Visit the company website ( or call for more information.

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