Amprius (Nanjing) HESO Anode Materials System Enables High Energy Density EV Batteries

NANJING, China, Aug. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Amprius (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. ("Amprius") announced its high capacity HESO anode materials system and high energy density electric vehicle (EV) batteries. 

320 Wh/kg EV Cell System Performance Data
320 Wh/kg EV Cell System Performance Data


Amprius HESO anode materials system offers unrivaled performance and enables high energy density EV batteries. HESO anodes have been extensively tested for various applications and in commercial sales since 2020. 

The reversible capacity of HESO anodes is 4 times of graphite anodes and the first Coulombic efficiency is as high as that of graphite. HESO also displayed cycle stability and low swell. It enables fast charging and low temperature discharge.  HESO’s superior performance has been demonstrated in the batteries for EV, air mobility, power tool, and consumer electronics.

Any battery materials must be validated by commercial applications. Amprius, therefore, designed a series of EV batteries with HESO anode materials system. The battery cells based on HESO anode have achieved energy density of 350Wh/Kg (800Wh/L) that would enable a driving range of 1000 kilometers. 


Amprius 320Wh/Kg (680Wh/L) EV battery cells have over 1400 cycles at 100% DOD (4.2-2.5V) charge and discharge at 25oC and 1000 cycles with >80% capacity retention at 45oC. The cycles were achieved without clamping. This cell supports 3C discharge with 94.5% capacity retention based on its 0.2C discharge capacity and fast charge rate of 15 mins to 80% SOC. The cell is also able to sustain 90-day 100% SOC (4.2V) storage at 60oC, and >80% discharge capacity retention at -20oC.

Amprius’ 320Wh/Kg EV cells have been well recognized by a group of EV OEMs worldwide and has become an important technology in customer projects. 320Wh/Kg battery cells have been in pilot production and are ready for volume production.


Amprius 350Wh/Kg (800Wh/L) EV cells currently have over 700 cycles at 100% DOD (4.2-2.5V) charge and discharge at 25oC and 500 cycle of 100% DOD with >80% capacity retention at 45oC. Again, the cycles were achieved without clamping. 350Wh/Kg EV cells also displayed excellent performance in rate capabilities, 60oC and 30-day storage and -20oC discharge. 

Amprius 350Wh/Kg battery cells with over 1000 cycles are under evaluation and optimization. The commercial cells will be available in early 2022. 

Manufacturing of Amprius HESO anodes and HESO anode-based battery cells leverage existing manufacturing processes. Amprius HESO anodes and battery cells support US$100/kWh battery pack cost target and will meet US$60 /kWh cost goal at large production scale. 

Amprius’ HESO anode material system and high energy density battery cells are breakthroughs in the industry. Amprius supports customer products and product development programs. Amprius also share the testing data and the prototypes of HESO anodes and battery cells with battery manufacturers, EV OEMs and any business where high energy density batteries are desired.

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350 Wh/kg EV Cell System Performance Data
350 Wh/kg EV Cell System Performance Data




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