ALLPCB’s Electronic Collaborative Manufacturing Service System—-A New Trend Leading in Electronic Industry

HANGZHOU, China, Sept. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In September 2020, ALLPCB‘s brand-new manufacturing sharing center, close to Shenzhen, officially puts into production. The new manufacturing sharing center is another practice of shared manufacturing concept, which would boost local PCB capacity. Its superior location makes ALLPCB boards delivered to worldwide electronic engineers and companies easily and rapidly from Shenzhen port.

ALLPCB sharing manufacturing center
ALLPCB sharing manufacturing center

Much ink has been spilled about collaborative manufacturing in electronic industry.  People might be unfamiliar with this shared manufacturing system. You can imagine it as a new combined mode of WeWork and super manufacturing factory. The concept of "shared manufacturing" has been proposed by Elle Brandt in 1990 firstly. Now it was applied to many manufacturing industries all over the world.

CEO of, Zhou Bangbing said, collaborative manufacturing is an advanced way that could boost the manufacturing industry capacity in the future.

ALLPCB is the first enterprise brought out the concept of Electronic Collaborative Manufacturing Service (ECMS) in China.

In recent decades, Chinese manufacturing industry has been labeled low-end, poor-quality, obsolete equipment and outdated production process. Simultaneously, the weakness of the single production facility has emerged with the increasingly diversified consuming demands. The single production mode cannot solve the contradiction between production efficiency and customer demand, which has become a huge problem for manufacturing industry.

A collaborative manufacturing system will be, therefore, a new necessary trend in the future. Through this cooperation, high-quality products and services can be provided to support the increasing consuming demands. is committed to building up a super Electronic Collaborative Manufacturing Service system (ECMS). ALLPCB’s ECMS can combine the upstream and downstream firms together to break down the information barriers between factories.

Through the integration of IT, OT, CT to realize the production digitization, informatization, and intelligentization. ALLPCB’s technical team has independently developed a brand new smart online quoting tool. Its collaborative factories operate ALLPCB’s intelligent penalization and advanced production system.

So what are advantages of ECMS, the "shared manufacturing" mode?

1. Improve Capacity and Efficiency

With the support of technology, ECMS can scientifically optimize the production process to improve the production capacity, which can improve the final profit for the production facilities.

2. Minimize Production Costs

Raw materials, imported equipment and management are all important cost factors during the production. Under the cooperative manufacturing mode, the price advantage of unified raw materials is reflected; the appliance of IT and big data technology can save the cost of management. ECMS can allocate prototype or batch orders to relative production facilities properly.

How does ALLPCB ensure the quality of its collaborative factories?

There are 5 dimensions for ALLPCB to select production facilities as his collaborative partners.

1. Collaborative Partners Screening

ALLPCB has established a series of rigorous screening criteria, from the factory scale, production process, equipment, product quality and some other ways.

2. Production Equipment

The collaborative partners should have the capabilities to produce multi-layers board. ALLPCB also will assists the collaborative factory by providing high-end equipment.

3. Production System

Each collaborative partner can choose to use ALLPCB intelligent production system. Until now, some of the cooperative factories have already imported ALLPCB production system and others are adopting both ALLPCB’s and their own system.

4. Raw Materials

ALLPCB is proud to corporate with factories who using high quality raw material, such as Shengyi, Kingboard, Guoji, etc., And its smart production system can match the material allocation to factory demands.

5. Quality Inspection

ALLPCB has a deep corporation relation with his partners, as each collaborative factory works with an ALLPCB technical specialist.

Now ALLPCB has already covered 49 collaborative production facilities. According to the report, the average pcb capacity grows up to 65% and production cost goes down to 20%/m².

ALLPCB always strives to create world’s best electronic manufacturing system, making a new round of electronic revolution and industrial structure transformation.

ALLPCB is committed to building up a super Electronic Collaborative Manufacturing Service system (ECMS). Founded in Hangzhou in 2015, ALLPCB today has more than 700 employees, serving 160, 000 clients in over 160 countries. Our superior digital supply chain connects more than 50 collaborative production facilities to electronics engineers and companies.
ALLPCB serves enterprises related to consumer electronics, communication equipment, Industrial Control (ISC), electronic instruments and apparatus, intelligent hardware, Internet of Things (IoT) application and Industry 4.0 solutions, etc. 
ALLPCB technical team has independently developed its brand new online system to make PCB price quote faster and order easier. ALLPCB collaborative factories are proud to operate our intelligent PCB penalization and advanced production system.
ALLPCB always strives to create world’s best electronic manufacturing system, making a new round of electronic revolution and industrial structure transformation.

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