“All You Need Is a Click”: ELFBAR Adds More Dimensions for Consumers’ Satisfaction

SHENZHEN, China, July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LOWIT, ELFBAR’s new arrival, will roll out globally on July 8, 2022. With the ideology of providing innovative products with purer tastes, healthier materials, and more dedicated design, the new ‘box-like’ prefilled pod starter kit perfectly integrates advanced technology and stylish appearance bleeding the elements of liveliness and vividness.

ELFBAR is the brand of Imiracle (HK) Limited., has always been devoted to creating the ultimate experience for its consumers since established in 2018, and LOWIT is no exception. Based on the high-quality vape in normal senses, the new product also places a great emphasis on playability for the highest enjoyment of consumers.

On the one hand, LOWIT improves the performance of man-device interaction on its up-down structured design and the comfortable tactility. It is conducive for consumers to be relaxed through repetitive "clicks" with a LOWIT and instigate a more positive emotional response through its sounds.

On the other, LOWIT makes full use of the high-tech mesh coil that heats up at a faster rate to produce more flavor and vapor. Mesh coils, best known for maximizing the surface area of contact with vape juice, have solved lots of problems of regular coils, for example, uneven distribution of heat, power waste, etc.

Besides, LOWIT provides more choices for consumers from prefilled pods of 5500 and 2500 puffs, devices in 6 colors to pods of 13 flavors.

Since 2018, ElFBAR has been making an effort on the innovative product via a smart heating system. As EIFBAR discovers the need for natural-based taste and more healthy ways of vaping are thriving year by year, they found methods of making their products the lowest harm materials, pure taste, and delicate design after thousands of experiments, only to present consumers with products that will surely meet their demands.

Nowadays, consumers’ requirements are not just limited to the original function of the object, but more frequently reflect on various senses. ELFBAR has taken this brave step in exploring more engines of vapes’ growth and attracted more and more people to take part in the ‘click’ shoot activity for the unique shopping experience under the lead of KOL. With a huge following of ‘click’, hope LOWIT will make remarkable performance, and give the small heat system more energy and greater diversity.

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