Aiper Smart Continues Innovative Excellence With New Vision For Smart, Wireless Product Lines

“SMARTIFY” housekeeping solutions leader is a huge success on Amazon and other major digital marketplaces

NEW YORK, July 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aiper Smart, the leader in intelligent, smart housekeeping solutions since 2017, announced today that the company is expanding its product range with new smart products including cleaning devices, automated sweepers and smart lawn mowers. Aiper Smart is constantly innovating, producing ever-better devices for indoor and outdoor smart cleaning. The company is known for best-in-class, cordless pool cleaners that are the most popular cleaners for homeowners and constant best sellers on Thanks to smart, wireless, robotic products, homeowners do not have to rely on inefficient, second-rate products that don’t have the power or capacity to manage all unwanted pool debris.

Aiper Smart engineers are experts in robotics who now are expanding their collection of indoor and outdoor, home and yard smart appliances. The company supports talented young experts who work with—and are mentored by—seasoned, mature developers and designers.

The team at Aiper Smart wants homeowners’ lives to be simple and stress-free. Its products offer only top-quality, durable solutions that deliver a safe and trouble-free way to save valuable time and effort. Aiper Smart is "tuned in" to its clients who work all day and have neither the time nor the energy when they come home to maintain their outdoor property or household interiors.

"Our cleaning, sweeping and mowing smart devices are designed and produced by optimizing processes and resources," said a spokesperson for Aiper Smart. "We keep in mind the size of our products and the space you need to store them, to give you maximum quality, efficiency and time-saving. Smart products also eliminate boredom and exhausting cleaning chores, giving people free time to relax and hang out with family. We are one of the few companies providing a comprehensive group of smart cordless cleaners, sweepers and mowers. We’ve designed the best solutions to guarantee an unparalleled mix of efficiency, safety and ease of use."

"Aiper Smart’s products are cutting edge and the most affordable products available today," continued the spokesperson. "We believe in the core values that guide us to make your life better and easier. Our mission is to, ‘SMARTIFY’ and simplify your most tiresome work and all products are energy efficient. Homeowners are satisfied with their investment in smart tools that transform the day, letting the robots deal with cleaning and maintenance."

Aiper Smart is the company that stands behind, "Cleaning Made Clever".

Through dedicated research and development, Aiper Smart offers every household hyper-smart, automatic solutions with a suite of products designed to take care of an entire home including indoor and outdoor floors and surfaces, yards of all sizes, bathtubs, pools and decks.

Customer service is key for Aiper Smart. The company wants to put a clever and reliable, quality appliance into every home. Homeowners are amazed that Aiper Smart products are incredibly affordable. It offers "ultra-rapid" shipping and a friendly customer service team always happy to help.

Aiper Smart promises to serve its customers with the best prices, low product maintenance, cleaning cycle optimization and helpful customer service.

For more information go to and Amazon or their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. You can also email them: [email protected] or call them: (877) 756 – 8666 for inquiries.


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