AIMMO launches the beta service of ‘AIMMO Enterprise,’ hassle-free web-based data labeling platform

  • Hassle-free data annotation web-based platform without any installation
  • Free trial service from designing labeling projects to managing result data

SEONGNAM, South Korea, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AI data labeling solution provider, AIMMO (CEO – Seungtaek Oh) launched the beta version of AIMMO Enterprise – a web-based labeling collaboration platform for AI training data. The AIMMO Enterprise is available free of charge by signing up on the website –

The AIMMO Enterprise’s user-friendly interface enables hassle-free data annotation without any installation or coding process. AIMMO’s platform is a game changer to handle data labeling management solutions – project planning, member invitation, advanced labeling tools, and data management.

This solution is designed to boost productivity of data labeling projects by managing tasks with Slack-like features, reducing workforce management costs. This platform focuses on training programs on labeling, project progress dashboard, data history restoration, and messaging services across the data team members. AIMMO Enterprise aims to improve accuracy and efficiency of creating ground truth data for AI modeling with seasoned experience in data labeling partnered with Hyundai Motors, Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation, Kyunggi Autonomous Driving Center, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, among others.

"The landscape of AI industry has changed rapidly with a greater need in training and labeling data," AIMMO said. "AIMMO Enterprise goes with needs in AI industry as a hassle-free self-service data platform for greater agility, accuracy, and efficiency."

In addition to AIMMO Enterprise, AIMMO also provides AIMMO’s Annotation Workforce Service – a fully managed labeling service from project planning to quality assurance. AIMMO’s labelers and data scientist team have accumulated in-depth know-how in various fields – autonomous driving, robotics, and image recognition. The mission of AIMMO is supporting the Machine Learning and AI community with AIMMO Enterprise and Workforce service.

AIMMO Enterprise platform with the project management functions
AIMMO Enterprise platform with the project management functions


AIMMO Enterprise labeling studio view
AIMMO Enterprise labeling studio view


AIMMO Press Kit  

AIMMO Co., Ltd.

Founded in South Korea in 2016, AIMMO is a fast-growing AI data labeling solution provider for AIMMO Enterprise and Workforce service. AIMMO Enterprise is a web-based platform for managing self-service data labeling projects, but AIMMO’s Annotation Workforce Service is a turnkey solution equipped with a skilled labeler team. AIMMO has established robust computer vision annotation capabilities including, but not limited to, sensor fusion, and 3D point cloud. 


Doyle Chung / Head of Global Sales Team / [email protected]

Dohee Han / Global Sales Manager / [email protected]

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