Aetina Provide Quadro MXM Turing Architecture for Graphics Critical Acceleration

NEW TAIPEI CITY, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In the data exploding generation, technology has grown faster and faster. The one digs in precision computing specialty and bears the most workload could be the next winner that conquers information-hungered era. GPGPU and edge AI solution provider Aetina Corp. announces the determination to advance against the NVIDIA Quadro embedded solutions after years of profound MXM design experience.

Aetina Corp. announce their new series of MXM module based on NVIDIA Quadro.
Aetina Corp. announce their new series of MXM module based on NVIDIA Quadro.

They will offer the newest Quadro Turing architecture MXM GPU module. Quadro RTX provides real-time ray tracing and AI training acceleration, sending the most professional GPU to achieve the highest quality and reliability standards. Quadro, NVIDIA graphics cards intended for workstations, running professional computer-aided design (CAD), computer-generated imagery (CGI), digital content creation (DCC) applications, scientific calculations, and machine learning.

Aetina released three Quadro MXM modules, including M3T1000-PN based on Quadro T1000, M3T3000-QN based on Quadro RTX3000, and M3T5000-WN based on Quadro RTX5000. With up to 3,072 CUDA cores and 9.4 TFLOPS performance can achieve almost every needed from industrial and professional graphics design fields. Meanwhile, there are up to four display ports, support HDR video by up to 8K at 60Hz resolution, which sent the users not only fabulous visual working experience but also meets up the work requests of accurate data analysis.

Compact design and longevity service

Since Aetina serves the customers from industrial and AI fields, the module designs are compact and small, which is more flexible for SWaP constrained embedded application deployment, especially for medical and gaming industries – request accurate image display and heavy computing workload. Besides, Aetina preserves longevity promise for industry sustainability.

Ray tracing for vivid images presents

This Quadro MXM series based on Turing architecture, the perfect high-performance visual computing in the data center. Particularly for NVIDIA RTX Turing, supports real-time ray tracing, showing realistic lighting, shadowing, and reflection, and immediately performs a movie-grade rendering. RTX Turing GPUs feature new advanced shading technologies that are more powerful and flexible than the previous version.

DLSS/Tensor cores supported for AI acceleration

Quadro RTX Turing supports deep learning super-sampling (DLSS) technology, catch up trends with AI functions. With Tensor cores, taking 10X speedups in AI training with TF32 and 2.5X boosts for HPC with FP64, providing a revolutionary AI training and inferencing power and graphics computing abilities.

All Quadro MXM modules are available. To see more detail, please visit Aetina website: or contact sales by email: [email protected].

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