Aetina Announce New Multi-Display Series to Next Vision Era

Graphics Card & All-In-One Player for Quicker Commercial Solution Landing

TAIPEI, Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Aetina Corporation, an expert in the GPU application field, announce their brand-new position of multi-display solution. Their products, including the series of Multi Displays Savant (MDS) and Multi Monitors Marvel (M3) for the new position outlines. The former continues Aetina’s graphics card profession. The latter provides the M3 Box that could drive the Ultra HD video wall to 4-16 displays, and M3 Player is the all-in-one controller with hardware-software integrated.

Aetina Announce New Multi-Display Series to Next Vision Era
Aetina Announce New Multi-Display Series to Next Vision Era

Aetina aim to provides the customer with a quick landing solution; they keep optimizing their solutions. They announce an x6 multi-display graphics card, with the largest 6GB GDDR6 buffer memory. The new release graphic card can connect to 6 screens independently with up to 11520*4320 resolution displaying and 4K video out.

M3 series is born to serve with a large amount of screen connecting in the video wall industry. M3 Box is the splitter box that makes the bridge between DP and HDMI. The M3 Box is an easy-using solution, and there is no driver needed, plugin, and play. It also equipped EDID function and 1:1 pixel to pixel meticulous output quality for perfect video displaying, suitable for multi-access monitoring system application. Besides, the M3 box flexibly compatible with NVIDIA, AMD, Intel GPUs.

For M3 Player, which could deploy with discrete-GPU inside, support D3D engine, deliver 8K video by sending spectacular vision experience with no delay. The video wall construct by the M3 Player has up to 16K of resolutions. Moreover, this all-in-one Player with internal integrated software could show diverse video displaying functions and support 3D visual procession, bringing high quality and high-efficiency video playing. Meanwhile, add an interactive process for an innovative commercial solution that could quickly make up the material ready to play.

Aetina Multi-Display Series brings the superior power of the latest GPU computing performance with best-in-class picture quality. It also helps the business deliver content professionally and attractively by providing exceptional durability solution in the next vision generation.

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