ADO will release T-series and M-series products in EUROBIKE 2022 and officially launch low-carbon project

FRANKFURT, Germany, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ADO (A DECE OASIS) , the innovative electric bicycle brand, will be make the first appearance in the 30th EUROBIKE exhibition at Frankfurt, Germany from July 13 to 17, 2022, and also release the built-in T-series products of torque sensor and the M-series products of Bafang Mid Motor.

T-series include A20 TXE,A20F TXE,DECE 300TXE, and A26S TXE. The most expecting M series include DECE 200FM, DECE 260STM, and DECE 300M, which are also the Mid Motor products released by ADO for the first time.

DECE 300M is the striking product with adoption of matching torque sensor system of Bafang M510 Mid Motor to achieve sensitive reaction and easy uphill. The torque of Bafang Mid Motor is as strong as 95N.m. The powerful acceleration and uphill ability can ensure powerful climbing of 15 minutes and bring overwhelming riding experience.

EUROBIKE exhibition is an most international influence platform in industry, and sets up a platform for brands to communicate and cooperate with the world. ADO brand is invited to participate the exhibition, which witnesses the speedy development, and high reputation of the brand again.

A04 is the ADO brand booth located in the No. 9 hall exhibition center, looking forward to meeting you. 

ADO laboratory and low-carbon travel project

ADO R&D center & lab was honored to obtain the qualification of SGS QTL laboratory and carried out strategic cooperation of "low carbon travel project" with SGS. This is also the first low-carbon project cooperation carried by SGS in EBIKE industry. ADO took the excellent first step with powerful technology strength. This is the new level of ADO brand and also witnesses the firm determination of ADO to be built into technology innovation brand of vertical industry in electronic travelling.

Low-carbon travel is the lifestyle and travel culture chasing by users generally, and specific embodiment of ADO to keep the original aspiration and be user-oriented.

All product design of ADO embodies life attitude of "Low carbon", for material, odor and toxic-free environmental protection oriented?for function, new energy batteries can save the environmental productions.

About ADO

Today, ADO has already owned over 16 patents and 6 software copyrights. ADO developed G-Drive dual-module control system and built competition advantages. ADO invested much in product R & D and production quality, obtained CE SGS and DEKRA certifications. Up to present, ADO has entered mainstream European platforms such as Decathlon and Mediamarket successively.

ADO is always user-oriented and insists on good product quality and service to protect consumer’s daily commuting and achieve more life potentials for users. ADO is committed to building an electronic riding community full of love and growth, and ADO’s strategic goal is to be built into a global brand of technology innovation type launching-out of vertical industry in electronic traveling and ADO has an ideal to become the "Crescent Lake" .

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