Addmotor Continues to Update its Electric Bikes’ Electrical System and Mechanical Parts

EL MONTE, Calif., Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Addmotor, a professional electric bike brand, continues to update its products’ design and manufactures the top-quality electric bicycles & tricycles for its customers. Not only do the upgraded electric bike models adopt the latest EB 2.0 electrical system to achieve extra riding range & improve safety, but they also have cross-generation innovation on the mechanical parts. For both electric bikes and trikes, electrical systems and mechanical parts are the duos that keep the machine running.

Addmotor Builds Top Quality E-Bikes to Ride Safely

Many electric bikes on the market are mainly powered by lithium-ion batteries which can be a safety hazard. The thermal abuse, electrical abuse, mechanical abuse, or internal short circuit will lead to a li-ion battery fire. However, after more than few years of electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing, Addmotor’s EB 2.0 battery pack has met the UL stringent safety standards for use in light electric vehicles. It helps effectively mitigate the potential risk of fire and electrical hazards and enhances the overall safety of Addmotor electric bikes.

To build the best electric bikes, Addmotor continues to upgrade the electronic system, making cross-generational changes in some of the mechanical details. Using more than a decade of research into electric bicycles, Addmotor’s R&D team has continued to collect customer input with the aim of designing bike models that meet customer needs. For example, since 2000, seat post and head tube have undergone five generations of innovation in USA, Addmotor has leveled it up to G-5.

Ebike head tube?G1-G5 comparison
Ebike head tube?G1-G5 comparison

The original head tube just comes with a simple, thin, tubular shape to hold the front fork steer tube and handlebar parts. In order to install the front basket, many electric bikes use a welded head tube. However, the disadvantage of this is that the weld is prone to breakage if the front basket is overloaded. Then came the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation of head tube design. Addmotor directly used laser cutting technology to deliver the thicker head tube with projections & screw holes that fit perfectly into the front basket. This makes the e-bikes more aesthetically pleasing and have a greater load-bearing capacity. More importantly, there is a gap between the G-5 head tube and the front basket for the exclusive UL verified 15-core integrated cable to avoid cable tangles.

The design of seat posts is also unique and helps to bear heavier riders of up to 450 lbs. As the seat post is thicker, the load-bearing capacity is greater. The Addmotor G-5 seat posts come with 3.2-inches in thickness. In addition, to better place and fix the battery and controller, Addmotor designed the seat tube accordingly to different e-bike models. That ensures the battery can be easily disassembled to recharge and be safely fixed onto the bikes. 

The electrical system of the electric bike is like the heart. It must be powerful to drive the bike forward. The mechanical parts are like the bones, they function to support the rider safely and comfortably. Addmotor focuses on all the details of the electric bike. With a desire to build world-class electric bikes, Addmotor is constantly improving its products to satisfy more and more riders.

About Addmotor

Addmotor is an electric bike brand that specializes in the design and production of electric bicycles and electric tricycles. Addmotor wants to provide a comfortable, safe, and green riding experience for every rider. Everyone interested in riding is welcome to visit their showrooms respectively in California and Florida for a test ride or other inquiries. Additional information can be found at and on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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